Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 G.I. Joe Classified Reveals

There’s no doubt the G.I. Joe panel blew all the others out of the water. With a number of pre-orders and scan reveals. This is a list of the scan reveals:

  • Deluxe Mutt & Junkyard
  • Deluxe Metal Head
  • Big Boa
  • Quick Kick
  • Airbourne
  • Techno Viper
  • Retro Scarlett
  • Retro Duke
  • 60th Anniversary Soldier
  • 60th Anniversary Recon Diver

We saw Mutt & Junkyard at SDCC back in July and It looked like an incredible set. So now that we have the scan, that means he should go up for pre-order during the next livestream/batch of reveals. As I can’t remember my G.I. Joe collection when I was a kid, most of these names are unfamiliar. Though I must say I do love the designs of all of these. I love that Big Boa and Swift Kick come with interchangeable heads, that’s a feature I would love to see even more in the Classified line. I had forgotten that next year is the 60th anniversary of G.I. Joe and it’s great to see Hasbro already have plans in motion to release some figures next year to celebrate the occasion.

The 60th Anniversary Soldier & Recon Diver looks to be a fantastic pair of army builders and comes with a lot of accessories to boot. I wonder what the packaging will be like for these two and the price point that they would be at as well. A Retro release of Scarlett & Duke have been on many fan’s wishlist and both of them look fantastic! As I don’t have a Scarlett or Duke on my shelf I’ll definitely be getting these.

I really dig the designs of Deluxe Metal Head, Airbourne, Big Boa, and Quick Kick and they’ll definitely stand out on the shelf and I’ll definitely be interested in getting those. Hopefully, they’ll be going up for pre-order by the end of the year or early next year.

I should mention that they also have some name-only reveals which did sound very intriguing. Here’s that list:

  • Metal Head
  • Night Creepers
  • Cobra Ferret
  • Dreadnok Gnawgahyde
  • Retro Carded Beach Head
  • Retro Carded Eel
  • Retro Carded Snow Serpent

It’s great that they already have plans to re-release Snow Serpent & Eel as those figures sold out so quickly, certainly here in the UK where they were limited in numbers and only available at a handful of vendors. I’m very keen to see Metal Head, Night Creepers, Cobra Ferret & Dreadnok Gnawgahyde.

They also put a number of pre-orders as well which had previously been revealed just as render scans.

  • Dreadnok Ripper
  • Dreadnok Buzzer
  • Agent Helix
  • Shockwave
  • General Hawk

I have to say I was really looking forward to seeing these, after just seeing the scans at SDCC earlier this year. All of these figures look extremely good and I’m very excited to get Dreadnok Ripper, Dreadnok Buzzer, Agent Helix, and General Hawk. The galleries really showcase the figures very well and all their accessories. I know Helix is a more modern character and I really do love the design of her and her unique arm blade weapons. General Hawk looks incredible and I love the punk look of Ripper and Buzzer!

I haven’t pre-ordered them yet, but I will pre-order them soon. These figures are expected to be released at the end of the year.

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