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Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Rita & Lord Zedd Two-Pack Revealed!

The iconic villains get their own 2-pack!

Just the other day Hasbro has revealed a Power Rangers Lightning Collection Rita & Lord Zedd two-pack! I know that a Rita Repulsa has been a highly requested figure in the Lightning Collection line since the beginning.

I have to say this is a fantastic looking two-pack. The Rita Repulsa figure looks incredible and the head sculpt looks absolutely fantastic! Also, her costume looks great too and I like how they have incorporated soft goods into it. The sculpted parts look absolutely incredible too.

I’m a big fan of the Lord Zedd figure and I can see that this one has been given a bit of an upgrade. If you look closely you can see the hand sculpts are slightly different as he has silver nails which he didn’t have with the previous release.

They also come with a slew of new accessories from their wedding episode such as the bouquet of flowers, crystals, a cake/decoration, and a vial. I should add that in the States this is a Gamestop Exclusive and it’ll be available at all good e-retailers outside the US.

I’ll definitely be getting this two-pack and it’s expected to be released this summer.

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