Power Rangers

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Reveals!

Yesterday Hasbro revealed more products for their Power Rangers Lightning Collection line. They revealed a Putty Solider two-pack from Mighty Morphin and a Zordon and Alpha 5 two-pack, again this is from Mighty Morphin and finally Space Psycho Green Ranger.

I’m really happy that we’re getting Putty soldiers two-pack as they are a must-have for your Mighty Morphin collection as they have been available in a two-pack with a Ranger before so it’s nice to army build them. I was really surprised that we’re getting Zordon and Alpha 5 I didn’t think we would be getting them in the line whatsoever as they haven’t released characters like this before. This tells me the line must be doing very well in getting to characters like this!

Honestly, this is the biggest surprise to me and both of these figures look fantastic and are a must-have for my collection. They also revealed a Lightning Collection Power Morpher which looks awesome. It’s great that Hasbro is continuing to release prop replicas for Power Rangers akin to the Black Series.

Then finally we have the In Space Psycho Green Ranger which I am not too familiar with as I only really watched Mighty Morphin when I was growing up and I lost interest as I got older.

I should mention that the Power Morpher and the Zardon and Alpha 5 two-pack are Walmart exclusives in the States and I can imagine they’ll get released internationally too.

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