Hasbro Releases Official Images of Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Waves 1 and 2

It’s a fantastic time to be a Marvel fan, as San Diego Comic-Con 2014 was this past weekend and Hasbro was there with a ton of new products. First up, they revealed some of their Marvel Infinite Series 2015 figures in their panel and now they have released the official images of the upcoming figures.

Many of the figures that were revealed in the panel were characters that Marvel fans are going to be more than delighted to add to their 3.75-inch figure collections. Included in the 2015 wave 1 is going to be Beast, Big Time Spider-Man, Bishop, Blackcat, Sandman, Gray Beast (variant), and Sand Colored Sandman (variant). Wave 2 hasn’t fully been revealed with official images, but so far the wave is going to include Jugolossus (Juggernaut/Colossus) and North Star. Other characters in the wave include Vulture, Armored Daredevil, and Shanna the She-Devil.

The good news about these new 2015 figures is that many of the sculpts are new, but the downside is that Hasbro is going to be scaling back their articulation on some of their upcoming Infinite Series releases. Many people can’t complain though, as Hasbro is going to be giving 4-inch collectors some great character choices that will definitely help fill the gaps in your collections.

If the upcoming 2015 Marvel Infinite Series action figures don’t quite have you excited, Hasbro held a Twitter Poll to determine two 2016 figures, which will include Modern Gamora and Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel. Check out all of the new Hasbro Marvel figures in the Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2014 Booth Gallery, or in the Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2014 Panel gallery.

By Nick Lenihan

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