Hasbro Marvel Vintage Legends Hulk SDCC 2019 Exclusive

Hasbro have revealed their 2019 SDCC Exclusive.

Just today Hasbro revealed their Marvel Legends SDCC 2019 Exclusive and it’s none other than a Vintage Legends Hulk figure. I should mention that Hasbro have an 80th anniversary two pack coming out which features a Incredible Hulk figure.

Looking at this new Hulk I can see that it shares the same body as that one with a few tweaks. Firstly you can see that his veins are painted a darker shade of green as well as having a different head sculpt as well.

The base body is terrific and I really love the head sculpt which is full of anger and aggression. I should mention that this figure comes with an accessory, he comes with a crushed pipe accessory which he can hold.

The card back is also awesome, if I got this I don’t think I would want to take it out of packaging.

The figure will be available at the Hasbro booth during the vent, as well as select overseas conventions. Non-attendees will have a chance to purchase the figure as well. After SDCC 2019, a limited number will be available via Hasbro Pulse.

Finally this figure will cost $34.99


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