Hasbro Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Review (Odin Build-a-Figure Wave)

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With the first wave of 2015 Marvel Legends figures finally making their way to store shelves, we’ll take a look at one of the Maidens of Might from the line, the Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff).  Without a doubt, this has to be the best Scarlet Witch figure made to date.

But, what makes the figure so great?  For one, her face sculpt.  Hasbro did a really nice job on her look, right down to the paint apps for her face.  They also did a good job on her hair, in as much as you can still turn her head.  Most times, with all that molded hair, it can be difficult to turn a figure’s head.  Not so much with Scarlet Witch; you can still get a decent head turn in either direction.  Plus, her hair has a nice sculpt, which is always a plus.

Her hands are posed nicely, too.  And now that I’ve written it down, it seems kind of a weird thing to say, amiright?  But, take a look for yourself!  Her hands are molded kind of open to look like she’s casting hexes.  Which, is kind of cool because (conveniently enough) she’s packed with 2 plastic “hexes”.  They’re molded in flexible pink plastic that kinda clips (or if you’re having some trouble getting them to stay, like some of us, they also can just “sit”) onto her hands.  Either way, it’s a nice touch to the figure.

Ms. Maximoff is fairly articulate, too.  Everything that’s important twists, turns and rotates;  from her shoulders to her hands and her hips to her feet.  Hasbro’s added a cool joint in the upper torso that makes posing them easier and a bit more dynamic.  She also stands surprisingly well, even though she’s “wearing” heels.  Most heeled figures end up falling (frustratingly) over.  It’s probably the counterweight of her cape that helps.   I don’t know for sure, though.  I’m no scientician.

Speaking of which, her cape is molded and floor length, very much in line with her costume.  As an aside, I had a lot of trouble getting her out of the plastic clamshell because of her cape.  I actually had to cut the clamshell to get her out.  Which, I’m not a big fan of doing,  in case I feel the need to sell her off at some later date.  Just a heads up, if you’re planning on opening her up, you might be committed to her.

Along with the hexes, Scarlet Witch also comes with a bunch of pieces for the AllFather/Odin Build-a-Figure.  I go back and forth about the Build-a-Figure.  If you’re not going to get all the pieces, or just gonna pick up one or two of the figures in the line (I’m no completist) then you kinda get screwed on the figure.  Sometimes I’d just rather have an extra accessory or two, then a piece to the BAF.   But, that’s an argument for another day.

Depending where you’re lucky enough to track her down, Scarlet Witch retails between $19.99 – $21.99.  If you weren’t thinking about getting her, shame on you.  You might as well, because after Avengers:  Age of Ultron hits, Marvel’s totally gonna ret-con just about everything about her so she fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you’re looking to order one of these figures, you can find her on Amazon, she’s still hanging around on Entertainment Earth, and you can always scoot on over to eBay and see if you can find the Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch action figure.





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