8 Comments on Hasbro Marvel Legends Odin Wave Review – Iron Fist, Thor, Hawkeye, Sentry, Machine Man, Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel

    • RyanB4890

      I like it for some photos, but not for others. I feel like you need to strike a balance, if that makes any sense. The Machine Man with his arms stretched out looks great, but some of the groups shots get distracted with so much going in the background. I have no idea how to tell what photos should have which backgrounds, but I think there is a rule or logic that would dictate it.

    • kevin

      I like the photos. On an aside, what kind of display cases do you have behind the figures? I am looking for a good display case for 12 inch hot toys. Thanks.

      • Nick Lenihan

        Thanks! I’m trying to mix it up a bit and see if there is a better alternative to the black background I do on most of my reviews.

        I don’t know exactly what they are called (very sorry), but they are from IKEA. If you go to their store you will find them in the bookshelf area.

        In my IKEA the shelf was on display with the glass doors already installed, but they are sold separate. These ones are nice, especially if you have figures that are larger than 12-inches (i.e. Hulk, Avatar, or even figures on flight stands). You can get about 4 shelves of figures in there without putting the shelves too close that your figures are cramped.

        While I really like the shelf, I think there are better options. The biggest gripe about this one is that the middle shelf is permanent. If this wasn’t the case I think I could get 1 extra shelf. You might be able to mod the shelf to your liking however.

        • kevin

          My big problem will be displaying the huge hot toys hulkbuster. That thing is going to be 2 feet tall! Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

          • Nick Lenihan

            I just measured the shelf and it appears that even though the middle shelf is permanent, you should be able to still get 4 shelves with the hulkbuster. One shelf may be slightly cramped though.

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