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Hasbro Indiana Jones Lines Revealed!

One of the lines that I was most excited about was the Indiana Jones line and I have to say I was really impressed with all the reveals, especially the collector’s line which far exceeded my expectations. I knew that during the event they would reveal the collector’s line, the retro line, the prop replica line, and kid-friendly orientated line. We didn’t see anything from the kid-friendly line which will be the like the Star Wars Mission Fleet line.

I should iterate that the collector’s line akin to Marvel Legends and Black Series is called Indiana Jones: Adventure Series. The retro line is called The Adventures of Indiana Jones and the kid-friendly line will be called Indiana Jones: Worlds of Adventures. I know a lot of fans were ecstatic with the announcement of The Adventures of Indiana Jones as those original figures go for such a high price on the secondary market and are almost impossible to get hold of now. So it gives fans a chance who missed out on those figures. Though this line has no appeal to me as this was before my time. They’ve only released Indiana Jones at the moment and I wonder if they’ll do figures from the sequels that they never made figures for.

For years I have dreamed of a 6″ Indiana Jones line and I cannot believe it’s happening and they’ll be launching next year. The first series is themed on Raiders of The Lost Ark which makes sense as that’s the first film and I don’t doubt we’ll get other waves themed on the sequels and I hope it’s not just movie-based waves as Indiana Jones had various looks in some of the films (Nepal Marion & Indy, Cairo Indy) and I hope we see them covered at some points and you can’t forget some henchman for Indy to fight!

Raiders Indy himself looks fantastic and comes with a lot more than I was expecting with multiple sets of interchangeable hands which is fantastic and two versions of his whip. I am really pleased he comes with his revolver and working holster. It said in the listing that the hat is removable but I haven’t seen any pictures with the hat removed you can see that it’s a separate piece. The likeness to Harrison Ford is fantastic and all the details in his outfit are spot on and he looks very well articulated too. An absolute must-have for me and I cannot wait for it!

The next reveal was Toht who’s one of the villains from Raiders. he looks great and just like the late Ronald Lacey in the film. What most impresses me with him is the accessories that he comes with like the coat draped over his shoulders, the interchangeable hand with the burn marks from the staff of Ra’s head that’s awesome but the best accessory is the face melting head from the end of Raiders. I never thought they would do this and it looks so gruesome and disgusting I love it! It gives me high hopes for more grisly accessories for other characters in the line. A fiery heart for Mola Ram and an aging head for Donovan would be incredible.

These two figures are up for preorder now. The other figures in the wave are Cairo Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, and Rene Belloq. All the likenesses for these three are great but they don’t come with as many accessories as Indy and Toht do which does make sense as some of these characters are in scene-specific outfits so can only come with certain accessories like Marion with the monkey and the frying pan which were seen and used in the Cairo scenes and Belloq is in his ceremonial outfit from the end of Raiders. I have also noticed that Belloq’s packaging it has ceremonial written in brackets beneath his name. Does this mean Hasbro plan to release another version of Belloq from the Peru or Cairo scenes? I know they do the same thing with their Black Series figure if the character is in a costume from a certain scene in the film/tv series.

All of the figures will come with a piece of the Ark which is something I thought they would do. Which is a great incentive to collect all the figures. It does look great and scales with the figures very well. I have noticed that Indy comes with the fertility idol from the opening of the film but none of the figures come with the staff head of Ra maybe they are saving that for another figure down the line. I am very happy with this wave and I will get them all and I hope that they do revisit Raiders for more figures like Indy without his jacket, map room Indy, Nepal Marion, Cairo Swordsman, German Mechanic, Dietrich, Marcus Brody & Satipo to name a few! I do have high hopes for a figure of Marcus Brody as we are getting a Sallah figure it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

One thing that really did surprise me is the price. These are only £21.99 in the UK which is cheaper than the Black Series figures and some of them come with even more accessories than Black Series figures. I am really looking forward to the future of this line and cannot wait to see what they have got planned for all the sequels. I do wonder if they’ll cover other media for Indiana Jones like they do Star Wars for other characters that would be sweet!

Then there’s the prop replica line and the first piece is the staff of Ra. It’s not the complete staff just the head that Indy uses to find the location of the tomb which houses the Ark. The detailing on this marvelous and the jewel is removable and it has a light-up feature. I do wonder what other relics they’ll be doing in this line. It would make a very interesting series of collectibles to display with your Indiana Jones figures.

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