Hasbro Indiana Jones Line Thoughts

It is now known that during Hascon at the end of next month Hasbro will be showing the Indiana Jones 6″ line. Hasbro announced that they had the license earlier this year and I have been really looking forward to seeing this line. I don’t doubt that Hasbro will do figures from all five of the films with many iterations of Indy from his various looks in the film which I have discussed before but here’s a list of Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones figures for example.

  • Raiders Peru Indiana Jones
  • Raiders Professor Jones
  • Raiders Nepal Indiana Jones
  • Raiders Cairo Indiana Jones
  • Raiders Map Room Indiana Jones
  • Raiders Disguise Indiana Jones

You could use some of the versions to double from the other scenes of the film, for example, the Nepal Indiana Jones could double for the Ark chase version as he is wearing his complete outfit as well as wearing the gloves as well. Though they could release different versions with different headsculpts and accessories so you can tell them apart eg. Nepal Indiana Jones comes with a 1911 pistol and the Ark Chase version comes with a battle-damaged head sculpt.

I thought that a Professor Jones figure would be a great idea as you have the likeness rights to Harrison Ford so you may as well get all the money you can from it! I think all versions of Indiana Jones in his adventure outfits should come with his revolver, working holster, and two versions of his whip by default. One in-use whip so you can have Indy posed to use it or to have him posed with the whip around an enemy’s limb or weapon and a stored version to hold on his belt. I am not sure if he should come with a removable hat or not and I know Hasbro has different ways they could do this: interchangeable heads, removable hats, or the interchangeable hair feature that we have seen them utilize very well in the G.I. Joe Classified line.

I know that the artifacts are a big thing to the films and would have to come with some of the figures like the fertility idol, staff head, the Ark, the Holy Grail, Sankara Stones, etc. I don’t know if we’ll get any BAFs or anything like that because it will be the Star Wars team working on these. I would hope that Hasbro would really get all the major supporting characters and villains Henry Jones Snr, Marcus Brody, Salla, Short Round, Marion Ravenwood, Willie Scott, Elsa Schnieder, Belloq, Toht, Donovan, Vogel, Molo Ram, and Satipo. I would really like to see a young Indiana Jones from Last Crusade and a Club Obi-Wan Indiana as well as some henchmen from the films as well.

I don’t know what they will show off at Hascon if it’ll be just a figure or a complete wave or anything like that, let alone a pre-order. I am very excited to see this line and hopefully, it can last a few years with some nice surprises down the line.

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