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Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Collection Promo Images


It was known for sometime before Toyfair that Hasbro has the Ghostbusters license and it was rumored that they would do a collectors line akin to the Marvel Legends, Black Series and the Lightning Collection. When I first saw images of these from the show floor I was really impressed and now seeing the promo images I am in awe.

As you can see this first series of the Ghostbusters Collection figures focus on the first film. In this series, we’ll be getting Venkman, Spengler, Stantz, Zeddmore, Dana, and Gozer. The build a figure of this wave is one of the Terror Dogs that we see in the film.

I really like the packaging for these figures as they really do capture the style of the film and the characters. I feel similarly about their Power Rangers Lightning Collection packaging which is in a somewhat similar style to this. I really like the character portraits on the spine of the packaging that’s a great touch.

The likenesses to all the actors are fantastic, especially as they are utilizing the face printing tech which has worked wonders with many of Hasbro’s collector orientated figures lately. The detailing on the Ghostbusters outfits is incredible and the accessories look fantastic too! As of yet, I haven’t collected any Ghostbusters figures because either the figures haven’t appealed to me or they were out of my price range.

Though I have to say I think these are the perfect Ghostbusters figures for me to collect. I am definitely in for this whole wave and I would be very keen and excited to see what other plans Hasbro has for this line. This line should launch this summer.

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