Hasbro G.I. Joe Reveals

Saving the best to last Hasbro held a G.I. Joe panel and damn! It was a great one they revealed a number of new Classified Series figures and they were really exciting! They did have some reveals for the retro carded line they have re-released the original Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in their original packaging exclusively at Hasbro Pulse. There was also a Haslab project which is the Skystriker for the Retro line.

I don’t know much about the retro line as those figures were before my time so I am not familiar with this project. Though if you are a big fan of the original line this is a must-have for yourself and you get plenty for your money. This one is not for me personally.

For the G.I. Joe Classified Collection, they have a good number of figures. They revealed Python Patrol Viper, Python Patrol B.A.T., and Tiger Force Outback, It should be noted that these three are Target exclusives. The other reveals were Croc Master & Fiona, Storm Shadow, and Spirit. I really love the look of these and I was really blown away by all of them! The detailing is absolutely fantastic and I know many fans have been asking for these for a while. I know that the B.A.T.S have been requested for some time and I know a lot of people are overjoyed with the B.A.T’s as it was a great army builder.

The Python Viper is a repaint of the original Viper figure which was a great army builder and the Python version has a different number of accessories. The Tiger Force Outback figure looked amazing. I really love the unique distinctive look to him and the amount of accessories is fantastic and like most of the Joe’s you can store all of the accessories on him with the boot sheath, thigh holster, and straps on his leg for the torch and of course there’s room on his backpack for his rifle and tactical shovel.

Then there was the Spirit who was a surprise to me, I really love the look of this figure and I have to say I am very impressed that Hasbro is moving to more realistic-looking weapons for Joe’s and that’s very clear with Spirit. His design is excellent and I love the inclusion of his pet bald eagle Freedom with interchangeable wings which is sweet! You can have him resting on his backpack or on his arm which is a great touch!

The deluxe character and pet/animal line continue with Croc Master & Fiona following on from Snake Eyes and Timber. I really love the look of this figure and all the accessories that you get with him and Fiona. I really love that Fiona is articulated and comes with little crocodiles. The Croc Master comes with some weapons and tools to wrangle Fiona. What I really dig about this figure is the Master’s vest and belt they look amazing! I love the look of the eye in the belt and the crocodile skin vest looks superb.

The final reveal was Storm Shadow and he looks amazing I really love the clean design to him but still retains his original design very well. He looks outstanding and all those accessories are amazing. He’s a truly outstanding figure I am really impressed with this and I cannot wait to get him when it comes out! One thing that I do find odd is that according to the UK sites these aren’t scheduled to be released till next Summer which I found a bit odd as the latest ones aren’t scheduled to be released a bit later this year and these next summer, Makes me think that there may be some other figures in the line that we haven’t seen yet will be released in the months between because 9-11 months is a pretty long time between waves.

Anyway I am a big of these and I have already secured my pre-orders for Outback, Spirit, and Storm Shadow and I cannot wait for them!

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