Hasbro G.I. Joe March Live Stream Pre-Orders & Reveals

On Wednesday Hasbro held a G.I. Joe live stream dedicated to the Classified Series and revealed some upcoming figures and put up previously announced figures for pre-order with some sweet galleries to boot! They showed some name-only reveals, scans, and some pre-orders.

The name only reveals were Big Boa, Swift Kick, and Mutt & Junkyard. I am not sure when we’ll see the scans but I think we’ll see them sometime this summer. I am very excited to see Swift Kick and Mutt & Junkyard in the Classified line!

The render reveals are Tunnel Rat, Firefly, Low Light, & Shadow Tracker. I am very surprised to see Hasbro doing another version of Firefly which will be a part of the main line and he does look excellent with all the new accessories including the two bombs and the remote control bomb device. Tunnel Rat looks fantastic with all the weapons and gear especially the hand cannon, torches and night vision goggles, and the camo on his face and arms. He’ll definitely stand out on the shelves. Low Light looks very impressive and I like the look of the rifle case which houses the sniper rifle and all its attachments.

The real stand-out for me of these reveals is Shadow Tracker who is a newer character in the G.I. Joe line and he looks amazing. I can see the comparisons that he looks like a Predator with the dreads, masks, and bones infused to parts of his armor and his weapons as well giving you an idea that he is a hunter-like character. I love the quiver for his arrows and the tomahawk that he comes with as well. I cannot wait to see the gallery for this guy.

The pre-orders were previously revealed renders and the figures that were put up for pre-order were Shipwreck, Harpoon, Copperhead, Bazooka, Rock N Roll, Scrap Iron, Cobra Valkyries, and Snow Job. I think Scrap Iron was a bit of a surprise as I don’t think we had seen a scan of him before with his remote control drone. I have to say I was very impressed with the reveals and I was really looking forward to seeing Shipwreck and Copperhead, they didn’t disappoint. They looked incredible and even better than the scans. I really love all the accessories that Shipwreck comes with especially the grapple hook and double-barreled flintlock-like pistol. The interchangeable hair-to-hat feature is great and it’s really nice to see it on a male character as we have only seen it with female characters so far. I really like that Polly can sit on his shoulder and wrist and she looks really great.

Copperhead looks fantastic and very classic but modern and his accessories are amazing I really love the scoped revolver and the back holster and that curved machete looks mean! The sheath on the waist looks equally great and gives some fun posing options. Bazooka looks much the same as the Tiger Force version with a slightly different deco, I think I’ll get this version over the Tiger Force version as I prefer this deco.

Scrap Iron looks incredible and I love the burn scars he has on his head and all the effects parts for the drone which you can use for the other figures which are incredible, a pity I missed out on it.

One figure I was not expecting to be that good or exciting was Rock N Roll and he truly surpassed all my expectations! I really love how he looks in the gallery utilizing all his accessories very well. The machine gun’s drum can be either attached to the gun or placed on his belt to show off his strength holding the large gun with one hand, finger on the trigger ready to take out some Cobras! I’m guessing there will be some flex to the ammo belt to feed it from the drum on his belt to the gun. I love the look of the helmet, bullet gauntlet, and all the tattoos on his arms. The icing on the cake though is the interchangeable rock n roll hand which is an awesome addition!

I was really impressed with Harpoon and the array of accessories he’ll be coming with when I saw the scan and the figure looks far better than that. The scuba gear looks amazing and I love the harpoon gun. Harpoon looks to be a very fun figure to display with the removable scuba gear and weapons.

There were two exclusives the Cobra Valkyries which looked incredible, as I really wanted to get some female cobra troopers. I love the array of weapons and interchangeable parts they come with which makes it a perfect army-builder two-pack. The other exclusive was Snow Job who looks incredible with all the ski gear and interchangeable head, hood, and removable goggles. Since I saw the scan I knew I wanted him and he looks fantastic in those promo shots and the display options with him are fantastic. I pre-ordered him as soon as he came to Hasbro Pulse UK.

It pains me again to write that the figures were quite difficult to get hold of on Hasbro Pulse UK with most of them selling out in a matter of hours. So I completely missed out on the Cobra Valkyrie two-pack which I really wanted to get hold of and Shipwreck was already sold out by the time I was able to log on just an hour or so after they were put up. I am really annoyed that they sold out on the Valkyries as I really wanted just one pack and they had a limit of three per customer so they sold out so quickly with the limited stock of their own line! So now I’ll have to wait for a restock or for them to be released singularly in the main line.

Also, Snow Job was not available till the next day because, for some unknown reason, they didn’t put him up at the same time as the others in the UK, which worked out as a blessing in disguise as I was able to get him the next day. Thankfully Props and Replicas stocked all the non-exclusive figures so I was able to pre-order Shipwreck there. I cannot wait to see these pre-orders released later this year and I cannot wait for another live stream!

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