Hasbro G.I. Joe Livestream Reveals!

Last night Hasbro held a G.I. Joe live stream last night to celebrate the 40th anniversary of G.I. Joe and there was a number of new classified revealed and a few pre-orders were put up as well. The reveals were:

  • Zarana
  • Dusty
  • Crimson Guard
  • Python Patrol Viper
  • Tigerforce Recondo
  • Tigerforce Bazooka
  • Kamakura
  • Dr. Mindbender

For the most part, I am very excited for most of these figures, the only one I am not really won over with is Dr. Mindbender and I solely feel it’s down to the cape which would be made of faux leather. It just doesn’t look great in render form. I’m sure it’ll look great in hand and once we see what accessories he’ll come with. I really do like the head sculpt with one eye larger than the other due to the monocle that’s a great touch.

I really love the look of Zarana which looks completely different from the other figures we have seen, I am very keen to see what she looks like in hand and what accessories she’ll come with. Dusty looks great as well and I am really excited for him after seeing what Stalker looks like in hand, Dusty is in a similar get-up and I reckon he’ll look excellent. You can’t go wrong with army builders and the Crimson Guard wouldn’t be any different. I really like the color scheme to him and a number of these will look great with some Cobra Officers in the mix too. The two Tigerforce figures look very interesting, especially Recondo. I cannot wait to see a regular version as well down the line.

It’s always to get more Ninjas, especially on the Joe side with Kamakura who does look very good and I am really happy he comes with an interchangeable head which is a first for this line. I have seen what the other figures look like of him and I cannot wait to see what he looks like in hand.

For pre-order Hasbro made Tomax & Xamot, Stalker, and the Cobra Viper three-pack available to pre-order. They revealed these on their last live stream. I have pre-ordered Tomax & Xamot and Stalker as I really wanted these and they all look great in hand especially Stalker who looks incredible with all the accessories and weapon storage that he comes with and I love the almost regal look to Tomax and Xamot with their shoulder pauldrons and the Cobra motif to their outfits. I know the release date says April 2023 but I know for sure they will be out earlier than that, more like this summer as the Cobra Officer, Alley Viper, Storm Shadow, Cobra B.A.T, and Spirit Iron Knife are trickling their way out onto store shelves these will more likely be on store shelves this summer.

Not only that Hasbro also revealed the Transformers & G.I. Joe crossover item which is a Megatron figure that transforms into a HISS tank and comes with a Baroness figure. This is already up for pre-order on all good retailer stores at the moment.

During the live stream, they touched upon the Walmart exclusive Retro carded Classified figures which contains Destro, Lady Jaye, Baroness, and Gung Ho. These figures will be available to pre-order in March. There’s no word on where they will be up for pre-order internationally though.

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