Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Series Destro Revealed

The iconic Cobra Character joins the first series of G.I. Joe Classified Series 1

Just yesterday Hasbro revealed official press images of the upcoming Destro figure who’ll be in the first wave of G.I. Joe Classified figures that’ll be released this summer.

We know that the other four figures in the wave who’ve been revealed so far are Duke, Scarlet, and Roadblock and also in the wave, though no in package or publicity shots have been revealed yet is Snake Eyes who got a sweet exclusive deluxe release which I, unfortunately, missed out on.

Like I have stated before I don’t know all that much about G.I. Joe but I am familiar with some of the iconic characters. So far I have been impressed with how all the figures look and with Destro I’m no different he looks incredible!

I know that this is more of his classic look unlike some of the more modern figures looking in the line. The sculpt looks absolutely fantastic and I really love all the details in his suit. The silver chrome head looks incredible and the paint throughout the figure looks fantastic. I love the different shades of grey and black in his outfit.

The icing on the cake for me has to be the accessories, they look fantastic. He comes with a pistol which can be holstered in the thigh holster, a larger pistol with a scope and my personal favorite accessory the Cobra briefcase which opens up to a computer that’s just awesome!

The packaging for this figure looks great too I really do love the custom artwork by Olver Barrett is incredible!

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