Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Reveals.

One of the panels that I was most excited about at Pulsecon this year was the G.I. Joe Classified line and they didn’t disappoint. Here is a breakdown of the reveals before I give my thoughts on them.

Name Only G.I. Joe Classified

  • Snow Serpent
  • Buzzer
  • Female Cobra Troopers

Render Only G.I. Joe Classified

  • Rock N Roll – Tattooed – Skull on hand
  • Bazooka
  • Torpedo – Spear Gun attaches to backpack – lots of gear – can carry all gear
  • Copperhead
  • Shipwreck – rope Removeable – Polly – extra hair – musket gun fits in belt

Today’s Preorders

G.I. Joe Classified Main Line

  • Barbecue-Slaughter’s Marauders
  • Crimson B.A.T.
  • Falcon
  • Outback
  • Cover Girl
  • PulseCon Exclusive Serpentor $79.99

Firstly I must discuss my disappointment with Serpentor & Air Chariot being the Pulsecon exclusive. I got on Hasbro Pulse UK just after 11 pm for non-premium members and it was already out of stock. I found out from an associate that they only had 204 in stock in the UK and non-premium members could find a bypass and order them that way. Of course, the scalpers have already put them up for pre-order on eBay in the States already for more than double the price. Also at the time of writing, they have put an email notification when it’s available again. I don’t know if that is standard for Hasbro or not.

I will say it’s very disappointing to make such a pivotal character with his iconic vehicle which he is more often than not seen with a PulseCon exclusive. I hope that they’ll release him again as a deluxe release sometime down the line with a few fewer accessories. I would happily get Serpentor with Chariot with the staff, sword, and interchangeable wrist blades. It pains me to see such a great set get such a limited release.

Then there was the name only reveals which being honest I don’t really know at all, but I am very curious to know more about the female cobra officers who will be a new sculpt. I have looked up pictures of Snow Serpent and Buzzer and Serpent will be an army builder and Buzzer is a member of the Dreadnoks so he’ll fit right in with Zarana and Zartan. It’s nice to build up that team and I’m very curious to know his Classified design.

I was really happy with the update on the render reveals, especially now that they are in color, so we know what the figures will look like and they look incredible! I am most impressed with the look of Copperhead and Shipwreck who look incredible and I cannot wait to see the galleries for these two! I really like their unique accessories with the flintlock-like pistol and interchangeable hair and hat pieces for Shipwreck along with Polly as well. I love the revolver with the scope on that looks so cool!

Rock N’ Roll looks really cool with the interchangeable hands, I wish we could see that more with the Classified figures. Unfortunately, we don’t see the accessories for Bazooka but I think they’ll be the same accessories as the Tiger Force version much like Outback. Torpedo looks very interesting and I really like the look of all the gear that he comes with as we don’t really get divers in action figure form at all these days.

For pre-order, they only put up four figures making a wave which will be Crimson B.A.T, Outback, Marauder Barbecue, Cover Girl, and Falcon. I really like the look of Cover Girl as she was my most anticipated of this wave after seeing her render earlier this year and I really like the look of the accessories she comes with the handgun, shotgun, tablet, and wrench. Most of which can be stored on her belt. Her outfit looks great and the head sculpt is undoubtedly one of the best in the Classified line to date. Falcon looks fantastic and in my eyes the most military-themed figure in the line to date with the full fatigues and beret. The shirt sculpt looks brand new as is the backpack. I can’t write this without saying his head sculpt very much reminds me of Peter O’Toole and Kurt Russel. It’s uncanny.

The other three figures are repaints though I do appreciate getting classic Outback in the line and I would be quite tempted to get him even though I already have the Tiger Force version. Unfortunately for me and all the other fans based in the UK, these figures are only available on Hasbro Pulse which makes it a problem for collectors to get them. Already Falcon has sold out already and hopefully, they’ll get him in stock again soon. These figures will be released early next year.

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