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Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Collection Images

Hasbro relaunches their G.I. Joe line!

It was rumored before Toy Fair that Hasbro will be relaunching their G.I. Joe line in the 6″ scale with various listings showing up on some retail stores computers.

In the first wave, they’ll be five figures, though at the moment they’ve only shown off four. Though in this gallery you only see three. The three figures here are Scarlet, Roadblock and Duke. The other figure is Snake Eyes that they’ve shown off (and he looks incredible) but they didn’t include him in the gallery or release packaging shots of him either. The other figure is rumored to be Destro but we haven’t seen him yet.

I don’t really have any attachment to G.I. Joe but I’ve always been interested in the property and have been intrigued by the figures. I haven’t picked up any aside one as they are not easily available in the UK. Though, I always had a pipe dream that Hasbro would do a 6′ G.I. Joe line.

I have to say I really do love the character designs, they look like their characters but have their designs slightly updated. Of course, this leaves room for Hasbro to release more classic versions down the line which they’ll undoubtedly do. Of course, I’d snap them up!

Each figure comes with character-specific accessories and features plenty of articulation. If I was to pick favorites from the ones that I have seen so far I would have to say all of them (what they have revealed so far) I really dig the designs and the detailing on them and I cannot wait for them to hit the UK shores as well as seeing Hasbro’s plans for the lines at SDCC in a few months time!

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