Hasbro Fan Poll Winner Revealed & Available on Hasbro Pulse.

Earlier this year Hasbro had a fan poll for their Marvel Legends Line for a figure re-release. The three choices were Lady Sif, Elecktra, and Silk. Silk won the poll by a clear margin and they’ll be making the figure available on Hasbro Pulse during the Hascon event later this month.

Even though Lady Sif and Elecktra lost the poll I wouldn’t be surprised if Hasbro re-releases them down the line, especially Lady Sif as she was only available in an SDCC boxset, and speaking of that boxset there’s a lot of characters from it that hasn’t been re-released yet.

I know that Silk was a very hard figure to find at retail and I am very happy that they are re-releasing her as I never got my hands on the figure as she was very difficult to find. Not only is she just a re-release she has a more accurate paint job and comes with some more accessories. As this is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive it’s unclear at this point in time in how she’ll be available internationally if at all. Though I hope she is as I would love to get this figure!

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