Hasbro Fan First Friday Marvel Legends Reveals!

Into The Spiderverse Wave Revealed!

Last night Hasbro’s livestream revealed products from some of their biggest licenses including Star Wars and Marvel Legends. In this article I’ll be covering the Marvel Legends reveals.

Earlier this year Hasbro hinted that they’ll be an Into The Spiderverse Spider-Man wave by revealing some figures and parts of figures during their live streams and now we have the full-wave revealed and I have to say I am very excited for this wave!

I’m a big fan of the film and I really need to see it again and I know that many fans including myself have been waiting for figures based on the designs of the characters in the film. I know that Hasbro did a Miles and Morales and Spider-Gwen two-pack around the film releases but that was more so based on their comic book appearances than the film.

I have to say Hasbro has absolutely nailed the look of the Into The Spiderverse characters in figure form. They look exactly how they do in the film! It’s incredible and they look just as good as those high-end figures that have been released by other manufacturers. I’m definitely going to pick up Miles, Gwen, Prowler, and Peter B. Parker as they look incredible and I love all the accessories and interchangeable parts that they come with!

Last month Hasbro revealed that the next deluxe Marvel Legend that they would be releasing (following after the brilliant War Machine figure) would be Thanos. Earlier we had only seen the figure and none of his accessories and now we get a closer look at the figure and all his accessories and the packaging and I have to say this looks to be a fantastic release. I love the interchangeable Infinity Gauntlet hands which are an open palm and a snapping fingers hand when he uses the Gauntlet. I haven’t got a comic book Thanos on my display so this one would be perfect

Next up they revealed some of the figures from the House of X Wave. I am not too familar with this comic though I know it’s a recent X-Men run and I have to say I really do like the look of these figures in the wave. Especially the Wolverine figure which has thicker claws than the previous Marvel Legends figures of the character and I really dig the head sculpt too.

Hasbro has also announced a figure for their villains wave which is looking to be a very exciting wave for me and the next figure that they have announced for that wave is the Scientist Supreme. Also Hasbro will be releasing more troop builders on Hasbro Pulse and various e-retailers here in the UK and across europe.

I should menton that the Into The Spiderverse wave will be released in early 2021 along with the Deluxe Thanos release.

Here’s a breakdown of the reveals and some details on the figures:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Wave

  • Miles Morales – Hoodie, Masked and unmasked heads invisi-pin.
  • Gwen Stacy – Film Version packed with Spider-Ham all new mold.
  • Prowler – New updated parts
  • Peter B. Parker – movie-accurate miss-matched shoes
  • Hand Ninja – with the special leg extender parts for Stilt-Man
  • Frog-Man – Built from Doc-Ock body
  • Stilt-Man BAF– with a special briefcase.

Deluxe Comic Design Thanos – 100% new, King Thanos Head, Multi Infinity Gauntlet hands snap fingers. Throne cardboard insert.

X-Men House of X Wave

  • Cyclops – Alt heat with blast effect
  • Wolverine – thick claws
  • Jean Grey – Marvel Girl design
  • Omega Sentinel
  • No BAF announced today

Scientist Supreme – Announced

More Pulse Troop Builders on the way.

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