Hasbro Brings a ‘Legend’ to their Marvel Legends 2015 Lineup

There is no question about it, Hasbro brought their ‘A’ game to San Diego Comic-Con 2014. They revealed a ton of new Marvel Infinite Series 2015 figures, as well as some highly demanded Marvel Legends. Their Marvel Legends 2015 lineup is going to feature a true legend though, Agent Phil Coulson in 6-inch scale!

The first Marvel Legends 2015 wave is said to be entirely comic-based, though their Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Wave 2 is going to be a mix of comic and movie characters, including Maria Hill, Nick Fury, and Agent Coulson, some of which seemed to be missing from previous Avengers Movie waves. The Build-A-Figure for this wave is going to be Thanos (modern version).

Marvel Legends fans have been asking Hasbro for quite some time to make a 6-inch scale Odin, which Hasbro has heard loud and clear and is set to be producing a Build-A-Figure version of him in the Avengers Infinite Series 2015 wave. The BAF is also going to have some swappable parts to help you also make a BAF King Thor. Some characters in the wave are going to need to be purchased twice if you want to make both Build-A-Figures, but hey, King Thor and Odin! Characters in this wave include Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, Machine Man, Modern Iron Fist, Dark Avengers Hawkeye, Marvel NOW! Scarlet Witch, Marvel NOW! Thor, and Modern Sentry. View all of these figures in our Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2014 Panel Gallery.

For 2015 Hasbro is also going to be continuing on with their Marvel Infinite Legends Spider-Man waves, with a new wave coming out next year including Hobgoblin (Build-A-Figure), Comic Based Spider-Man, Mae Parker Spider-Girl, and Spider-Man 2099. Other characters in this wave have yet to be revealed. We all like surprises right?

Finally, the Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2014 panel revealed that we will eventually be getting a 6 inch 5-pack featuring comic style / classic Guardians Gamora, Drax, Star Lord Rocket and Groot.  This may be a retailer exclusive. Nova was said to be one of the best-selling Marvel Legends figures of all time, so Hasbro is looking at making a second wave a Guardians of the Galaxy figures. Marvel Legends magic and Dormammu may also eventually be joining the line, though no release date has been given at this time.

By Nick Lenihan

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