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Hasbro Bring Home The Bounty Black Series and Vintage Collection

Even though Pulse Con is now over Hasbro’s Star Wars reveals continue with the ongoing Bring Home The Bounty which just started a few weeks ago and continues till The Book of Boba Fett is released in December. It should be noted that it’s just not Hasbro, but all other companies that are announcing new Star Wars products to tie in with The Mandalorian. So yesterday (and going up for pre-order today) is the Vintage Collection Death Watch Mandalorian and Ashoka Tano. The Death Watch Mandalorian appeared in the flashback scene from Series 1 and Ashoka appeared for the first time in live-action in Series 2.

For the Black Series, there is The Client. The Client was played by the famed director Werner Herzog which was quite an odd move but he did very well in his brief appearances during the first series. I am really impressed with all these reveals, to be honest, even though I am not that big of a fan when it comes to the Vintage Collection but I d buy ones of characters I am a big fan of from time to time. The Death Watch Mandalorian looks fantastic and I cannot wait to see this in the Black Series, the design really makes a fantastic toy. Ashoka looks fantastic as well and the likeness to Rosario Dawson is very good for this scale, the only gripe that I would have about this figure is that she does not come with a soft goods cloak. DW Mandalorian comes with a pistol, blaster rifle, and jetpack!

I am really impressed that we are getting a figure of The Client, I never thought we would get one at all! I am very impressed with all the accessories that he comes with which are the tracking fob, beskar bars, and a container for the bars which opens up! This is an accessory that we really needed in the Black Series collection, especially if you weren’t able to get the Mandalorian build-up set which was released last year and sold like hotcakes.

These products are scheduled to be released next year and aren’t exclusives anywhere. At this time of writing the Vintage Collection figures are up for pre-order in the UK but the Black Series Figure isn’t up for pre-order yet though I am sure it will be soon though.

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