Hasbro Adds New Hybrid T-Rex to Their Jurassic World Line

Toy Maker Hasbro’s New T-Rex Action Figure Looks Great

For those looking for clues to what new dinosaurs they might find stomping around in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, toy maker Hasbro may have just provided a clue. They have added a new Hybrid T-Rex figure to their ever expanding Jurassic World toy line. With a lighter green, mottled skin and a series of large spines on its back, this T-Rex with attitude might just be hitting the big screen soon. Hybrid dinosaurs, however, are old hat for the Jurassic Park franchise, so if a spikey T-Rex is in the works, don’t expect it to be the only trick they have up their sleeves.

This stylish T-Rex action figure comes outfitted with extreme chomping action and roaring sound effects, to better strike terror into the heart of its foes. Even better, this ferocious spiked saurus can be yours for fairly cheap, as the figure is expected to retail at $19.99. It will, however, require two double A batteries to fully function, and will need some assembly as well.

 As mentioned, the Hybrid FX T-Rex (its official name) is only the latest addition to an ever-growing line, so if you’ve ever wanted to have your very own dino throw-down, Hasbro has you covered. They’ve got collections of biters, bashers, brawlers, flyers and more. And they’ve even got a few models that can go toe-to-toe with this new Hybrid Spiked Menace, such as the Indominus Rex, Stomp and Strike T-Rex and Giant Chomping T-Rex. Who would win in a cage match? Only you can decide that.

Not enough excitement for one day? How about this: Hasbro also release the names of a few more upcoming hybrid dinos. Coming soon: the SpinoRaptor, Stegoceratops, CarnoRaptor, and Dilophosaurus Rex. C’mon! Dilophosaurus Rex? Not that a T-Rex needs the help paralyzing its prey, thank you very much, but that’s a pretty sweet combo. And while you may not want to get your hopes up, this may be a sign that your craziest dino-dreams may be about to come true, in grand silver screen fashion.

By Anders Clark

Anders Clark loves action figures and grew up with Star Wars figures, Battle Beasts, MOTU and more.

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