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Hasbro 1027 Livestream Reveals.

Last night Hasbro held a Livestream event for Hasbro Pulse Premium Members. They revealed some products from some of their most significant licenses and some getting more than others. I don’t think there were too many reveals as I know Hasbro will be at MCM Expo in London this weekend and they are expected to make some reveals then too.

Here’s a breakdown of the reveals:

G.I. Joe Classified

  • Dr. Mindbender and Serpentor preorders are opening back up for those that missed out.
  • Chuckles Name only joining the Classified series lineup.


  • HasLab Proton Pack unboxing – lights and sounds demo with special effects parts. Ships Spring 2023

Dungeons & Dragons

  • Wave 1 6-inch Golden Archive
  • Dicelings-D-20 Transforming Monsters – Beholder, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Movie Owl Bear
  • Movie Dragon show with no further details.
  • NERF Sword and Axe showed no retail details announced
  • Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons shows no further details.

Starting Line Up

  • NFL Video shown

Marvel Legends Series

  • Luke Cage Power Man 70’s vibe Kenner Carded
  • Spider-Woman Kenner Carded
  • Doom Kenner Carded
  • FF team All shown Kenner carded 2023
  • Pulse Con Ghost Rider showed Kenner Box
  • HasLab Ghost Rider recap with new tier Daimon Hellstrom

Marvel Legends

  • Wonder Man Avengers Series
  • Yelena Belova – lots of weapons
  • Von Strucker – double pinless
  • ML VHS Double Pack 2-PK Carnage – Animated Deco with alt hands with photo real head with Spider-Man alt hands blue animated highlights – Shop Disney – Hasbro Pulse exclusive

Star Wars

  • 40th Anniversary Retro Figures
  • Luke Skywalkers FX Lightsaber

Star Wars Vintage Collection

  • Artillery Trooper Spring 2023

Black Series

  • Din Djarin Morak – The Mandalorian Summer 2023
  • Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis with BD1
  • ROTJ Boba Fett 40th Anniversary Carded Spring 2023

I wasn’t expecting that much because they held a live stream earlier this month and are going to MCM this weekend. Though I will say I was a bit disappointed that Marvel got the most reveals whereas Star Wars only got a few much like at the event earlier this month.

I am delighted that the Serpentor & Dr. Mindbender figures are made available again after the debacle of having only so few this month with them selling out in minutes. As of writing in the UK, they are still available now. I have pre-ordered my Serpentor and I can’t wait to get him sometime next year. It was nice to see another Classified reveal which is Chuckles, but its name only at the moment, and they didn’t have a prototype to show. I’m really interested in how he’ll look in the Classified line and hopefully we’ll see him next year.

They didn’t have anything for Ghostbusters except the Haslab Proton Pack which will be shipping next year. They also said there would be more product reveals soon so hopefully, we’ll see more Plasma figures soon.

Earlier this year Hasbro did say that they were doing Dungeons & Dragons figures and revealed that cube with weapons earlier this year from the upcoming film. Now they have revealed the movie figures and the first wave looks really good. I’m really impressed with the Hugh Grant figure and I didn’t know he was in the film. It does seem that the collectible figure line is called Golden Archive and I’m curious to see what other Dungeons & Dragons figures outside the film they’ll do.

They also had a roleplay item and some toys for kids and I like the look of the Dicelings. They didn’t have anything to show for the Starting Lineup line.

For the Marvel Legends, they talked about the Engine of Vengeance and revealed the final figure of the stretch goals, which is Daimon Hellstrom. I haven’t supported the project as it’s far too expensive for me and I know that it’s not doing too well at the moment with under 5,000 backers and needs to reach 9,000 backers by the 31st of October, and I don’t think it’ll make it. Though I don’t think it’s the last we’ll see of these figures. I can see a Robbie Reyes figure being released in the Marvel Legends line and I don’t think there would be any problems releasing Mephisto, Goblin Queen, and Hellstrom. They released Tigra last year which show’s more skin than Goblin Queen and there weren’t any complaints. If Hasbro is worried they can release them as fan channel exclusives to avoid the pesky religious/parent groups. Also if you think Hasbro is never going to release these figures with all the new tooling (especially in Mephisto’s case) you’ve got another thing coming.

They revealed some Kenner figures which I am not all that interested in, but it’s good for those who are. For The Marvel Legends reveals themselves they had some pretty good ones. I really like the look of Wonder Man and Baron Von Strucker the most as I would love to have that Wonder Man in my Avengers display I really like collecting Cap’s villains and Strucker looks fantastic. I am not too familiar with this look of Yelena but she does come with a lot of weapons.

Then finally they revealed the Spider-Man The Animated Series VHS Carnage & Symbiote Spider-Man two-pack which I have mixed feelings on, though I would like to get the Symbiote Spider-Man figure.

For Star Wars there wasn’t all that much that they showed at all. For the Vintage Collection, they showed off The Artillery Storm Trooper. For the Black Series, they revealed the 40th Anniversary ROTJ Boba Fett which is the same as the deluxe figure just repacked on a retro-style card. They also revealed Morak Din Djarin which seems to be using the same body as the Migs Mayfield Tank Driver figure with a new and improved head of Din which looks a lot better than the previous version.

The reveal I am most excited about though is the Jed Survivor Cal Kestis & BD1. I have been looking forward to this one since the game was officially announced and the VC version shortly afterward. The likeness to the actor is much better on this one and I love his outfit I am curious to see him carry and use a blaster pistol as well as we don’t see many Jedi that do. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering this one and I don’t doubt I’ll get this figure long before I play the game which will be released sometime next year on PS5 which I don’t have yet.

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