Gollum Plush and Smeagol Headknockers Are Back!

NECA has announced that they are bringing back the Gollum Plush and Smeagol Headknockers! They will be back just in time for the release of the upcoming movie the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, due in theaters this December!

Gollum Plush

The Gollum plush is very accurate to the movie. He’s defiantly an ugly fella. The head is dead on to the look he had in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy and in The Hobbit movie as well. The plush vinyl body features a wire armature that allows you to bend and pose the limbs in any contortion you might want.

The Gollum and Smeagol HeadKnockers

This guys are going to be sold separately and they capture the two sides of Gollum’s personality. The good and the evil. Both of the resin bobbleheads stand 6″ tall in their crouched poses and are hand-painted.

Gollum Plush and Smeagol Headknockers

Stay tuned for the latest news about Gollum Plush and Smeagol Headknockers!

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