Gentle Giant SDCC 2015 Exclusives [Updated June 22]

Gentle Giant is a very well-known company in the toy industry, as they are usually responsible for sculpting many of the action figures that we get from various companies like Hasbro, Mattel, Funko, etc. Even though they do a lot of work for other companies, they still have products to call their own. This year for San Diego Comic-Con they are going to be bringing three several different exclusives, from the G.I. Joe and Star Wars licenses, among others.

Check out all of the Gentle Giant SDCC 2015 Exclusives below:

[Updated June 22]

Boba Fett Droids Jumbo Figure

In 1985, everyone’s favorite protocol droid and astromech droid starred in their own animated TV series. Star Wars: Droids, featured R2-D2 and C-3PO on their early adventures that took place before Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. The series also featured the appearance of Boba Fett himself! To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Star Wars: Droids Animated Series, Gentle Giant Ltd is happy to announce one of our Star Wars San Diego Comic Con 2015 Exclusive DROIDS: Boba Fett Kenner Inspired Jumbo Figure! This figure was digitally scanned from mint 3 ¾” Kenner originals and reproduced in jumbo 12-inch scale. Boba Fett retails for $100.

Secret Wars Deadpool Jumbo Figure

Face it, what would San Diego Comic Con be without Deadpool? Gentle Giant LTD has created their own interpretation of Deadpool if he had been included in The Secret Wars! The “Merc with a mouth” never looked better. This Jumbo Figure comes in at 12 inches tall, and will go great with the rest of your Gentle Giant LTD Secret Wars Jumbo figures! Deadpool retails for $100.


[Updated June 17]

G.I. JOE Grunt Deluxe Jumbo Figure

Continuing with the amazing G.I. JOE Jumbo Figure line, Gentle Giant LTD is bringing back the Real American Heroes from 1982, with this G.I. JOE Grunt Deluxe Jumbo Figure. This jumbo figure will include all of his original accessories, and will come packaged in a green footlocker style box. Gentle Giant LTD has taken the original 1982 figured, scanned it using our incredible 3D technology, and scaled it to our 12” Jumbo Size. This highly collectible figure will be priced at $130

G.I. JOE Rock N’ Roll and Snake Eyes Micro Figures

Scanning a figure and creating a Jumbo Figure is one thing, but scanning a figure and creating a MICRO Figure is just as cool! Reversing the Jumbo Figure process, Gentle Giant as created this incredible miniaturized 2-pack of a couple of our favorite JOE’s! This G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Micro-Figure 2-Pack is the first of its kind to be released by Gentle Giant LTD. This 2-pack includes micro versions of Snake Eyes and Rock N’ Roll, packaged inside their retro style packaging, and collected in an awesome window box. This GG.I. JOE Rock N’ Roll and Snake Eyes Micro Figure 2-PACK will cost only $8!

Star Wars: Droids—R2-D2 Jumbo Figure

Branching off from the Star Wars Movie Universe Jumbo Figures, this SDCC 2015 Exclusive from Gentle Giant LTD. represents everyone’s favorite Astro Mech, R2-D2 from the animated series Star Wars: Droids. This figure was digitally scanned from mint 3 ¾” Kenner originals and scaled to Jumbo Size while maintaining all of the figure’s details. The Star Wars: Droids R2-D2 Jumbo Figure will even feature a jumbo replica of the coin that came with the original figures! This limited edition jumbo figure is priced at $100.

How To Get Gentle Giant San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

Gentle Giant does the pre-order thing similar to other companies, but they have a catch – you must be subscribed to their Premier Guild Membership. This allows you to not only pre-order their Comic-Con exclusives, but you also get exclusive access to special edition products they announce throughout the year.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a PG membership, you can buy all of Gentle Giant’s exclusives at their booth #3513. The lines are usually not too bad, but do go there early so what you want isn’t sold out.

Is This Not What You Were Looking For?

If Gentle Giant’s exclusives leave something more to be desired on the table, why don’t you check out what the other companies are bringing to the show on our San Diego 2015 Comic-Con Exclusives Checklist? There you will find a list of all of the limited edition products that will be offered at the show this summer.

By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.

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