Gentle Giant Reveal Igor and Hajime Sorayama Iron Man Statues

Just recently Gentle Giant have revealed two new Iron Man Statues – the Igor Armor from Iron Man 3 and Hajime Sorayama‘s Iron Man Statue, which is based on a variant cover of Iron Man #18.

I have never seen Iron Man 3, though I do know that this is one of the most iconic armors in the film. It looks similar to the Hulkbuster Armor that we’ll see in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This statue does really have an intimidating presence and looks like a real brute. He appears to be in a ready to attack pose. He’s very well detailed and if you look closely enough you can see some burn marks and scuffs on him, showing that he’s battle damaged. It looks great especially on his back, helmet and arms. The paint is very well done on him and you can see all the different parts of the armor and where they come together. Also, the weapons on his arm look great, though I don’t really know what they are.

I’ve not read many of the Iron Man comics, nor have I see the cover variant that it is based on. Though I do know that the said comic came out in 2012. I have to admit that this armor looks absolutely fantastic. It looks akin to his modern armour but more ornate and finer. There’s no doubt it looks beautiful. The pose is a very traditional pose for Iron Man with one his arm outstretched like he’s about to fire a beam from his repulsor weapon from his hand. I think what helps is its main colors – gold and silver. The detail is just, if not more incredible than the Igor statue; I love it. You can see all the fine line detail on it.

I love the metallic paint jobs on these statues; it really does bring them to life. Both statues will come with an individual number and a certificate of authentication.

It should be noted that these statues are in the 1:4 scale . The Igor statue will cost $599.00 at retail, but you can pre-order him for $449. Sorayama will cost you $499.00. There’s no pre-order bonus with him, but you’ll get a $75 gift certificate and double reward points when the statue is released. That’s if you pre-order him between the 17th- 24th of October this year. Finally these statues will be released in the fall of next year.

Unfortunately these statues only ship to USA, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico, so other fans will be missing out. Which is a shame, as these statues look fantastic. You can pre-order them from the Gentle Giant site.

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