Gentle Giant Unleashes Daryl Dixon and The Wolves Statue

Gentle Giant has just revealed their latest Walking Dead piece, a Daryl Dixon and The Wolves statue. As Daryl Dixon is the most loved character in The Walking Dead TV Show, and Norman Reedus has the biggest fan base Gentle Giant have created a statue that embodies the spirit and personality of Daryl Dixon. The statue is made in partnership with AMC and Norman Reedus himself.


Fans have dubbed both Daryl and Norman Reedus as the anti-hero of the group, the survivalist, the rebel and most importantly the lone wolf, all of which Norman really embraces.

The statue depicts Daryl Dixon with Norman’s portrait in a hunting pose flanked by two wolves who are also on the hunt and are in their element.

I must say that I really like this statue that Gentle Giant have created of Daryl Dixon; it looks absolutely fantastic. I really love the pose and sculpt and the amount of detail that they have put into this statue. The outfit is spot on for his look in the show with the sleeveless shirt and the angel wing biker vest over top. With the poncho hanging down from his neck sloped over the shoulder with his brown pants (including the knee hole) and walking shoes. I really love the detail especially that of the poncho and vest with an incredible amount of detail.

The head sculpt nails the look of Reedus with his longish hair, goatee and small eyes; it’s exactly on. His face looks relaxed but focused. I also really love the flesh tone on the statue it to me replicates the look of NECA’s flesh tone plastic figures; it looks almost real and the dirt is handled very well it looks very natural.

Over his shoulder is his Crossbow, which is very well detailed with three arrows in its attached holster with a camouflage pattern on the bow. The arrows have red wings at the back the strap is also very well detailed and looks like leather. In his hand he’s holding a knife upside down like he’s nearing his prey. You can’t see the hilt but the blade looks very nice and metallic. You can just see the sheath hanging from waist.

The two wolves that are flanking him are two actually two different wolves. One is all black the other is gray and white both in different poses of which I am guessing represents different parts of his character. They are cleanly and perfectly painted just like Daryl.

They are atop a rocky base, which looks to a part of a rocky or mountain like region of which is the perfect environment to be on the hunt.

The Exclusive edition, which comes with the certificate that has been signed by Reedus himself, has sold out on pre-order.

This statue will come with an individual number printed at the bottom of the base and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It measures 10.25″ high, will cost $239.00, and will be released in the summer of next year. You can currently pre-order the regular version of the statue here if you are interested.

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.

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