Gecco Shows Off Venom Snake Statue From Metal Gear V

Gecco Toys Sixth Scale Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Venom Snake statue

Earlier in the year, way back in March, Gecco revealed their first statue from Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain. It was for Quiet, and that statue is due to start shipping next month. Now, Gekko has revealed photos and details on their next figure from Metal Gear V, for Venom Snake. And much like their Quiet statue, this Venom Snake statue looks pretty epic.

Details on Gecco’s Sixth Scale Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain Venom Snake Statue

How Tall is the Statue?

The statue is 1/6 scale, and will be roughly 12.6 inches (32 cm) tall.

What Material is the Statue Made From?

The statue is being made from high-quality ABS and PVC plastics.

Who Designed the Look of the Statue?

The sculpt for the statue was designed by Shinya Yamaoka, the digital sculpt was created by Masaki Akao, and the paint was done by Katsushige Akeyama.

Does the Statue Come With Any Accessories?

Yes. The statue will come with a scarf that can be removed, according to preference.

How Much Will the Statue Cost, and Where Can it Be Ordered?

The statue is currently available for pre-order over on Entertainment Earth for $324.99.

When Will the Venom Snake Statue be Available?

Gecco expects the statue to start shipping in November 2016.

Does It Share Anything In Common With the Quiet Statue?

The figure appears on a display base from the same stage as Quiet, the Aabe Shifap ruins.

Are there Any Special Offers Related to the Venom Snake Statue?

Yes. If you order the Quiet statue and the Venom Snake statue, you can get a 1/6 scale “the Puppy DD” statue for free. You will need to supply a 7 digit code that comes with each statue to Gecco’s DD campaign page by February, 28th, 2017. The DD statue is expected to ship in February / March 2017.

Additional Making of Details for Gecco’s Sixth Scale Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain Venom Snake Statue

Gecco has revealed that the statue has a variety of parts, 19 for the upper body alone, and has described the assembly procedure for the figure:

  • Assemble the belt on the back
  • Assemble the belt on the chest
  • Assemble the shoulder pad on the vest
  • Assemble the waist
  • Assemble the small belt on the vest
  • Assemble 4 magazine pouches
  • The collar is interchangeable

They also added that the paint was redone from the beginning after a first pass, as the painter didn’t think the camouflage was good enough.

Photos of Gecco’s Sixth Scale Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain Venom Snake Statue

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