G.I. Joe June 2022 Livestream

Today Hasbro held their G.I. Joe live stream and revealed a number of figures in the Classified line, as well as something for the Transformers X G.I. Joe crossover and a retro collection two-pack.

Like all their live streams Hasbro showed off a number of figures in the pipeline which means 3D scans and not the actual figures themselves. This is a tradition for Hasbro and their G.I. Joe live streams and we’ll undoubtedly see these figures on the next live stream or during SDCC. The reveals are Crimson B.A.T, Mauraders Barbecue, Outback (Original Deco), Lt. Falcon, and Cover Girl. All of these figures will be part of the same wave and are scheduled to be released next spring.

I really love the look of the classic Outback and I have the Tiger Force Outback and I’m a big fan of that figure as it’s a phenomenal figure so I am more than likely to get this even though the only thing that looks different is the deco. I can use TF Outback as an older version and the regular version as the younger one. Next up is Lt. Falcon, I am not that familiar with the character at all but I am very keen to see what he looks like in hand. Then finally Cover Girl who I know to be a fan favorite character and one people have wanted to be in the line for some time. I really like the look of the figure. The figure looks excellent and I am very excited to see how she looks in hand and what accessories she’ll come with hopefully we’ll see her soon.

They also showed off Sgt. Slaughter and he does look absolutely excellent in hand and comes with a lot of accessories. I really love the action figure of himself that he comes with on a card. The rifle he comes with looks great and I really like the variety of hands and that he has a removable hat and sunglasses. Apparently, he’ll be available during SDCC and will be available at retail shortly after, and isn’t an SDCC exclusive. I’ll definitely love to get this one.

For pre-orders, there weren’t many there was a Retro Collection two-pack of Duke & Cobra Commander and this will be a Pulse Exclusive. The next Transformers X G.I. Joe crossover is Bumblebee and Stalker. Then finally there is another version of Snake Eyes and Timber which comes with a number of new accessories including interchangeable hands and a scarf for Snake Eyes as well as a different head. Timber is the same aside cast he has white fur. Also, the Transformers X G.I. Joe crossover and the Snake Eyes and Timber two-pack are available to pre-order now.

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