G.I. Joe Classified Series Walmart Collector Con Big Ben & Range Viper Revealed

Just last week Hasbro revealed two brand new G.I. Joe Classified Series figures with Big Ben & Range Viper. These reveals were part of the Walmart Collector Con event. I had seen the scan of Big Ben which was revealed some months ago and he looked very impressive and looks even better in the figure’s gallery. The Range Viper is completely new to me and I am really astounded by how good he looks!

Big Ben looks fantastic and will stand out in a display with his bigger build. I really like the SAS look to him and his array of weapons which will really pack a punch against Cobra! It’s great that he comes with an interchangeable head so you can army-build a number of gas mask-wearing soldiers in the Joe forces. I should also note that this figure is part of the Night Force line which is a new subline in the Classified Series and you can be sure that there will be a slightly different version in the main line.

The Range Viper looks incredible and is a perfect army builder. I love the skull look to the mask and he looks very menacing. Some of the accessories are perfect for army building with the removable bandolier, bandana, and a whole array of weaponry.

Both of these figures are Hasbro Pulse UK Exclusives in the UK and they sold out very quickly when they were first available and sold out in 45 minutes. They were available the next day and sold out very quickly as well. Thankfully I was able to pre-order Big Ben, but I missed out on a Rang Viper though. So hopefully, they’ll be available again before they are released later this year.

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