G.I. Joe Classified Series Chuckles SDCC Exclusive

Earlier this week Hasbro had their G.I. Joe Classified Series 2023 SDCC Exclusive revealed which will be Chuckles. I know that they have been hinting that Chuckles would be joining the line and it was rumored that the SDCC exclusive would be Chuckles. However, I should mention that he’ll be getting a regular retail release in the line as well.

As this is an SDCC exclusive Chuckles come with plenty of accessories. and some special packaging. As of now we only know that it will be available at the SDCC booth with the same system that they had last year. Hopefully, it will be available on Hasbro Pulse as well for non-attendees such as myself. I have looked up pictures of the original Chuckles figure which came out in the original toy line and I have to say the Classified version matches it pretty well. I’ve always liked the look of Chuckles and was very eager to see the Classified version and I am very impressed.

He has a unique look that will really stand out on the shelf. The array of accessories is fantastic and just the sort of accessories a spy would need. I really love the old-school spy equipment with the walkman, sunglasses, binoculars, file folder, and briefcase. The handcuffs, interchangeable head, and knuckleduster hands are really cool additions.

I love the packaging artwork as well with the small comic strip of Chuckles getting away with important Cobra files while fighting off some B.A.T.S. This figure will cost $41.99

I hope that this figure is easily available for non-attendees or available on Hasbro Pulse at a later time as I would love to get this one!

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