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G.I. Joe Classified Collection Wave 1 Snake Eyes Revealed!

Yo Joe!

It’s been rumored for some time that Snake Eyes would be a figure in the first wave of G.I. Joe Classified Collection which should be hitting store shelves real soon. There have been unofficial pictures released online of the figure in packaging from eBay sellers and such like. But now Hasbro has released official press images as we get closer to the official release.

As you may already know from the images that you could see online this Snake Eyes has a different pain deco and comes with some different gun accessories compared to the exclusive version that came out a few months ago. Personally I don’t really have a problem with that as in the cartoon series they used more sci-fi looking weapons. Plus I think the guns Snake Eyes comes are great and I really like the look of them.

The figure itself looks outstanding and I am very keen to get this figure and the others in the wave when they hit the UK and the US officially next month!

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