G.I. Joe Classified Collection Cobra Commander Revealed!


Just earlier today Hasbro has revealed the first figure in the second series of their G.I. Joe Classified Collection line. Cobra Commander! I’m a bit too young to remember the original line. Though since the rumor that Hasbro has been thinking of a 6″ line.

Earlier this year Hasbro revealed the first wave of figures which are expected to be released next month. In that wave, we got Roadblock, Scarlet, Duke, Snake Eyes, and Destro and they are just about to hit retail in the US and overseas and yes you can bet I’ll be getting them!

Now Hasbro has revealed the Cobra Commander figure and I have to say I absolutely love the design of this figure! I love the naval/militaristic look to his outfit and I really love the helmet design as well. I really love the inclusion of the interchangeable pointing finger hand! I think the designs of the weapons are very unique and I really love the sword and that there’s a sheath for it. I’m very curious and excited to see what other figures are in this wave and you can bet Cobra Commander is on my watch list and I cannot wait for more news on this line and when they’ll be released!

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