Funko Bringing Out New Disney Villains Mystery Minis

New Disney Villains Mystery Minis from Funko

Disney Villains Mystery Minis Set For September Release

To the joy of Disney fans everywhere, Funko has decided to release a brand new series of Disney Villains Mystery Minis, depicting famous villains from the Disney animated universe. A total of 16 minis will be released in the series, 8 minis being the villains and 8 minis being their sidekicks / pets.

List of the New Disney Villains Mystery Minis

Here are the figures Funko is bringing out:

  1. Maleficent and her pet raven Diablo, as seen in the Sleeping Beauty
  2. Usrula and her moray eel minions Flotsam and Jetsam, as seen in The Little Mermaid
  3. The Red Queen and the White Rabbit, as seen in Alice in Wonderland
  4. Cruella de Vil with Patch, as seen in 101 Dalmatians
  5. Prince John and his confidant Sir Hiss, as seen in Robin Hood
  6. Shan Yu with Hayabusa the Falcon, as seen in Mulan
  7. Dr. Facilier accompanied by his Voodoo doll, as seen in The Princess and the Frog
  8. Hades and his servant Pain, as seen in Hercules

It is unknown whether this will be the first wave of Disney Villains Mystery Minis, and more are on the way. In any case, there are definitely more characters who deserve to be on this list. How about the Wicked Queen from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (the first full-length animated Disney movie ever), Jafar and Iago from Aladdin as one of Disney’s definitive Villain-Pet combos, or maybe someone from the numerous Pixar films. (Or, how about Dr. Calico and his evil cat next?) In any case, we’re looking forward to anything that Disney and Funko might release since they are both great at creating collectibles.

Ordering the New Disney Villains Mystery Minis

All of the Dinsey Villains Mystery Minis will be purchasable as singles for $7.99 online at Big Bad Toy Store, and Amazon, or something along those lines at local retailers. Larger packs of  12 minis can be also be bought on Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth (who also offers a four pack), and Amazon as well. The estimated release date is sometime in September 2016.

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