Funko Firefly and Rocketeer Legacy Collection Figures Are Up For Pre-Order

Just last month at Toy Fair 2015, Funko revealed more of their upcoming Legacy Collection 6-inch figures. Fans had known for months that they had plans for the Firefly and Rocketeer license and Toy Fair finally revealed the goods!

I have to say I personally was really amazed by these figures, as it shows they have extended the range of their Legacy figures from Game of Thrones and The Fantastic Mr Fox lines, among other licenses.

I’ve not seen Firefly, though I do know of its cult classic status and some of the characters. Though with that being said, I am actually a big fan of the Rocketeer film.

They have really nailed the likenesses, especially with Nathan Fillion as Mal and Alan Tudyk as Hoban in the Firefly line. The likeness of Billy Campbell as Cliff (Rocketeer) is pretty strong too.

Like the Game of Thrones figures, these are packed with detail and accurate character specific accessories. They’ll be expected to be released in May, so you better pre-order them soon if you want to add them to your collection.

I am more so impressed with Rocketeer, as I am a fan of the film. They have got all the details of the iconic costume, which is great to see everything from the leather like boots to the iconic golden helmet. As you can see he comes with a pistol, an interchangeable Cliff head as well as the jetpack. That’s all he needs to come with.

Like the Firefly figures, he’ll sport over 20 points of articulation and will be released in June. If you’re a Rocketeer fan this is simply a must have for your collection.

I am not sure if they’ll produce more Firefly or Rocketeer Legacy figures in the future but one can hope so, especially if these figures sell well.

You can currently pre-order most of the available Legacy Collection action figures here.

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By Nick Lenihan

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