2 Comments on Friday the 13th Part 5 – Retro-Style Clothed Action Figure – Jason /Roy Burns Review

  1. springersam91 .

    The interchangeable hand is meant to a right hand as one is to grip the knife and the other the shears. I’m not sure why they didn’t include an interchangeable left instead. I really like this line it’s going from strength to strength.

    • RyanB4890

      That actually makes a lot of sense, because I wasn’t able to get the hunting knife into the one that came on there. I assumed that because the left hand of my figure was loose it was the one that was supposed to be interchangeable. Why include the folding shears though? It doesn’t make sense without a left hand to let the figure fold them with.

      I do agree this line is going from strength to strength. The two I have are awesome! I really like NECA in general!

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