Fresh Monkey Fiction Has Started Shipping Amazing Heroes

Fresh Monkey Fiction Amazing Heroes

Following a successful kickstarter campaign that began in August 2014, Fresh Monkey Fiction has finally begun shipping their Amazing Heroes Series 1 lineup to fans worldwide. The Amazing Heroes lineup features many characters from the Golden Age of comic books, that is, from 1930s until 1960s. In addition, the figures are made to resemble the retro style of action figure sculpting that was prominent in 1980s.

As of now there are 9 action figures and all are at 4.5 inches in height (~11cm) and feature 5 points of articulation. The Fresh Monkey Fiction Amazing Heroes are:

Captain Action – Based on an action figure character from 1966;
Black Terror – A superhero published by Nedor Comics in the 1940s;
Golden Age Dare-Devil – A superhero published by Lev Gleason Publications in the 1930s (not to be confused with Marvel Comics Daredevil;
Stardust – A superhero published by Fox Comics in the 1940s;
Champion of Mars – Hero of the Red planet from the golden age of comics;
Silver Streak – A speedster superhero published by Lev Gleason Publications in the 1940s;
The Blank Slate – A highly customizable action figure of a character who can mimic other abilities;
Green Turtle – A superhero published by Blazing comics in the 1940s;
Madman – A hero from the 1990s published by Image Comics.

The figures are all made out of high-quality plastic and come in packages made with vintage looking artwork. The cardboard back artwork can be changed without damaging the plastic packaging giving many options to collector, with each cardboard back costing $2. In addition, figures also include bonus content such as swappable heads, or a holster and a pistol, or similar, based on which figure you decided to buy.

The Fresh Monkey Fiction Amazing Heroes themselves cost somewhere around $15-$20 dollars per figure, depending on the figure and on the retailer. They can be purchased online on Fresh Monkey Fiction’s website or through the Big Bad Toy Store.

By Anders Clark

Anders Clark loves action figures and grew up with Star Wars figures, Battle Beasts, MOTU and more.

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