Final Product Images for Hot Toys Joker 2.0 Figure

Final Product Images for Hot Toys Joker 2.0 Figure have popped up, thanks to a few bloggers. Like with the final product images for the Hot Toys Bane Figure, there are just a few of the images posted below. For the full set of images please visit this Facebook page.

I am a little bit on the fence about the Hot Toys Joker 2.0. The final product images make me want to buy him, but then Sideshow also has the Hot Toys Joker DX (1989 Version) in stock. I have heard only good things about the 1989 version and even seen him on some lists for top Hot Toys figures of 2012. Anyone have a suggestion?

The Hot Toys Joker 2.0 comes out next month and is still available for pre-order at Sideshow. I have a feeling if you don’t act on the pre-order you might miss out on this guy. Sideshow has a couple exclusive extras if you order from them, to me it’s worth it.

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.

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