Final Packaging For The NECA Fugitive Predator

In late June of this year, NECA revealed the Fugitive Predator from the upcoming The Predator film directed by Shane Black and it’s released next month. In the film, we know at least two Predators. The Fugitive Predator and the hulking Assassin Predator.

The first figure to be released is the Fugitive Predator and in a few months time, the Assassin Predator will be released as it’s still in the prototype stage. As you can see the Fugitive Predator is smaller and slimmer than most of the Predators we have seen in the films and is more akin to Wolf Predator who we saw in AVP: Requiem.

The Fugitive is more armored than most of his brethren which is very apt as he’s a smaller Predator. I love the detail and the layered look to his armor with the mesh/chainmail base and the reinforced armor pieces on top. I love the little gold details in the armor, it sort of gives him a regal look. His skin seems to have a similar pattern and color to the City Hunter Predator which hasn’t made an appearance in a while.

Like most of NECA’s 7″ Predators, he comes with a wide selection of accessories and interchangeable parts. He comes with a masked & unmasked head, interchangeable forearms (armored and clean), four wristblades, four interchangeable hands and an articulated shoulder cannon.  He also includes over 30 points of articulation.

The detail is incredible with the wet looking amphibian skin, skin markings and dirty and scuffed armor. It looks just as good as the rest of NECA’s latest Predator figures.

Much like NECA’s newer film licensed products he comes in Ultimate style packaging which is perfect for the Fugitive Predator. This packaging has just been revealed and I love the simplistic and clean design to the packaging. If you really like the look of this figure and the upcoming film I would highly recommend getting this figure.

I personally would love to get this figure as I love the Movie Predators that NECA have released as well as this figure will look fantastic on display against the Assassin Predator which will be hulking and monstrous 11 inches tall!

The Fugitive Predator is expected to be released sometime this month, so you can expect to find it in your local comic book shops and Target in the coming weeks.

Images from NECA


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