Final Marvel Legends May Reveals

Just yesterday Hasbro had their final May Marvel Legends Livestream. During the stream, they rounded up all the reveals from earlier this month, which we have covered on this site as well as revealing the next Age of Apocalypse wave as well as some teases too. May has certainly been a very busy month for the Marvel Legends team with all the reveals that they have had this month.

As I’m a big fan of their MCU figures as well as their comic book ones there’s plenty here for me and I am very happy with all the reveals. The big reveal this week is the next wave of Age of Apocalypse figures and I have to say it’s a pretty fantastic lineup of characters and the build-a-figure looks brilliant!

I’m not too familiar with the story but I do love the very 90’s look of some of these figures especially on the Cyclops and Rogue. I hadn’t picked up any of the figures in the previous wave but I may do now as I would really like to have an Age of Apocalypse display. I do love how a lot of these figures have interchangeable pieces and I really do dig the look of the Sabertooth figure and I think both of his heads look awesome! The build-a-figure for this wave looks brilliant as well and I’m not familiar with this look for Colossus but I think he looks great.

It should be noted that this is the first Marvel Legends wave to have the price hike. Rather than before with the figures costing $20 at retail they now cost around $22 and the price increase has happened here in the UK as well. Though that won’t stop me from getting the figures in this wave.

Another reveal was the Spiderman 2099 figure on the retro card and I have to say he looks awesome. I do love the interchangeable hands and the removable web/wings. Also, it should be mentioned that he has a new deco as well which is more accurate to how he looked in the animated series. I’ve always liked the look of the 2099 Spiderman so this is another must for me.

At the end of the Livestream, they dropped two teasers for two upcoming figures. They revealed a new Tigra figure with pinless joints, at this moment in time we are unsure of what wave she’ll be part of, or when she’ll be released but I’m sure we’ll know shortly. The other tease was the back of a figure’s head who has long wavy blonde hair and a sword and dragon accessory. The sword looks like Excalibur and it’s unclear if these three teases are linked in any way. Here’s a breakdown of the reveals that Hasbro had made:

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Marvel Legends

  • Legion – Interchangeable hands
  • Magneto – Interchangeable head sculpts and hands, effects pieces
  • Rogue – Interchangeable hands
  • Cyclops
  • Iceman
  • Shadowcat – Swap out gauntlets with and without claws, interchangeable hands
  • Sabretooth – Interchangeable head sculpts and hands
  • Colossus – Build-A-Figure with interchangeable hands

Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Retro Legends

  • Spider-Man 2099 – Interchangeable hands, new deco

End of Stream Reveals

  • Tigra – Marvel Legends 6″ Scale – Pinless articulation confirmed for the final figure
  • Sword reveal with Dragon

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