Final Diamond Select SDCC 2016 Exclusives Revealed

Diamond Select SDCC 2016 Exclusives - Batman Muddy Dark Knight bust

The San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, and in order to pump you up even more, we’ve got some good new. The final Diamond Select SDCC 2016 exclusives have just been revealed, and they are more than worth making the trip and spending some time in the sun. (You know, that big glowy orange-yellow thing that hangs out in the blue thing they call “sky.” You know, outside.)

Diamond Select SDCC 2016 Exclusives DC Busts

For starters, they’re making 4 high-quality resin busts of DC animated characters. The characters we’ll see are Superman (seen changing from Clark Kent), a muddy Dark Knight bust (as seen in the episode “Legends of the Dark Knight), a Batman Animated series logo bust, and a black and white Joker bust. Each bust will be $60 and will be limited in edition sizes. There will be 1600 Clark Kent busts, 1,350 Muddy Dark Knight busts, 1,000 Batman Animated Series Logo busts, and 750 Joker busts.

Diamond Select SDCC 2016 Exclusives Batman Statues

Next up are two more Batman themed statues: one black and white Batman, and one of Harley Quinn. Harley is being made as a 12’’ inch high-quality statue set at $200 and limited to 200 pieces, while Batman will be black and white and made in PVC plastic, standing 9 inches tall. The Batman statue will be $45 and limited to 2,000 pieces. Both of these statues are made based on the Animated Series.

Diamond Select SDCC 2016 Exclusives Marvel Statues and Minimates

DC’s not the only one getting all the love, and some great Marvel toys and statues are also being offered. First up is a Captain Marvel 9” statue, an addition to the Diamond Select Femme Fatale series of PVC figures. This will be the Mohawk Edition, so it means that she will feature the current, contemporary design. She comes standing on a display base, will cost $45 and be limited to 1,500 pieces. They’re also offering a variant SDCC exclusive variant of a Spider-Gwen statue we metnioned previously. The wall attached Spider-Gwen will now be getting an SDCC exclusive version, which is the same as the regular on, except her face is revealed. As with some exclusives, you can also order this one online, as long as they don’t sell out at the Con. The figure will be $45 and limited to 3,000 pieces. Also on hand will be a Daredevil minimates 2 pack ($10, 3,000 pieces), a Civil War Vision / Scarlet Witch minimates 2 pack ($10, 1,200 pieces), and a Deadpool minimates variant comic ($5, limited to 7,500 copies).

Diamond Select SDCC 2016 Exclusives Ghostbusters and Star Trek

When it comes to non-comic book properties, a Marshmallow Peter figure is also being released based on the Ghostbusters, as well as a Star Trek Gold USS Enterprise, which while not really gold, is still great. It runs on 3AAA batteries that are not included. Peter will cost $20 and be limited to 3,000 pieces, while the Enterprise will be $65 and limited to 300 pieces.

Don’t miss out on these great Diamond Select SDCC 2016 exclusives, coming soon to a Con near you!

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