Figures Toy Company’s Upcoming ’66 Batman Crime Fighting Accessory Pack helps Fill the Batcave

Over the past few months, Figures Toy Company has been giving nostalgic collectors the chance to own MEGO-style 8 inch figures based on some of the most classic properties. Many of the figures already come packaged with accessories, but FTC isn’t going to be stopping there when it comes to the dynamic duo. They have announced a 25-piece “crime fighting accessory pack”, which will outfit Batman and Robin with much of what is seen in the 1966 Batman movie, as well as the equally popular TV series that starred Adam West and Burt Ward.

The crime fighting accessory pack includes Batcuffs, Batarangs, the Batphone, the Batmobile’s Batphone, Batman’s mobile crime lab, the Batcave entrance bust, a Batman Shield, Radios, a Bazooka, and much more. Pricing and other details haven’t quite been released yet, but Figures Toy Company promises to update fans once it’s ready.


via FTC

By Nick Lenihan

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