Fear Itself Minimates And Iron Man Neon!

Art Asylum has been really busy this summer. Today we see Fear Itself minimates and Iron Man Neon sign. Wednesdays are transformting to not only the day where new comics are released but to a day where the toy collector needs to stop by their local shop to pick up the latest.

Fear Itself Minimates

These minimates go along with the Marvel storeyline of Fear Itself. There is 2 box sets and the first on called “The Worthy Box Set” contains Cul, The Serpent (the Asgardian god of fear); his herald Skadi (a.k.a Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter); Mokk, Breaker of Faith (formerly the Grey Gargoyle); and Angrir, Breaker of Souls (formerly the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing). Each comes with a massive hammer, and the Serpent also comes with his staff.

Fear itself minimates and iron man neon

Then there is “The Mighty box set” that contains the first ever comic-style Minimate of Thor’s father, Cul’s brother and Asgard’s All-Father Odin, as well as Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Iron Man in their Asgardian-made costumes and weaponry. Ironman has a rocket base, Hawkeye has a quiver full of arrows, and both have interchangeable mask and hair pieces.

Fear itself minimates and iron man neon

Iron Man Neon Sign

Diamond Select Toys has also put out a Iron Man neon sign It is 11.5 inches and lights up red, yellow, and blue. It also has a base that enables you to hang it on your wall on place it on display on your desk.

Fear itself minimates and iron man neon

Find your local comic shop with to find these new items.

I am actually digging the packaging on the minmates.

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