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Fan First Friday Star Wars Vintage Collection & Black Series Reveals

It’s been rumored for some time that Hasbro would be revealing new products from their Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection lines and I have to say they had a lot to show off!

Star Wars Vintage Collection

For the Star Wars Vintage Collection, they have revealed that they would be releasing the Storm Trooper Disguise Luke Skywalker with a new face printed head which I have to say really does look fantastic! At this time it’s unclear what wave this figure will be in.

Star Wars Black Series

For the Star Wars Black Series line there have been some fantastic announcements! Of course, as this year is the 40th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back you can see that most of the revealed figures come from the film.

Though they have revealed some figures that haven’t appeared in that film. They have revealed a Kamino Trooper whom I know has appeared in the Clone Wars series and the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game.

They have also revealed a Storm Trooper based on their appearance in Rogue One. This is always a great army builder and I certainly can’t get enough of them! They’ll look great going against my other figures!

All the other reveals today are to tie in with the 40th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back. The reveals are:

  • Carbonized Darth Vader (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Deluxe Dagobah Luke Skywalker & Yoda Set
  • Han Solo In Carbonite (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Zukkus on 40th Anniversary Card (Amazon Exclusive)
  • 4-Lom on 40th Anniversary Card (Amazon Exclusive)

I am really happy about the Deluxe Dagobah Luke Skywalker and Yoda set as I know that it has been rumored for some time and I am glad that it’s not exclusive of any kind. From the pictures, you can see that he comes with plenty of accessories. Though you cannot see them in the packaging he’ll come with interchangeable hands so he can do the handstand which he does in the film. I’m also really impressed with the likeness to Mark Hamill it looks incredible and exactly like him. It’ll be shipping in August and I’ll definitely be getting him.

I’m glad that they are re-releasing the Han in Carbonite at long last as it has not been available since the SDCC Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite set from a number of years ago. Though this one is an Amazon Exclusive and here in the UK particularly they are quite tricky to get hold of. Though I would really love to add this one to my collection and it’s great that he comes with a display stand too.

The Carbonized Darth Vader looks fantastic as do most of the carbonized figures that they have released though they are pretty hard to get hold of.

I knew that we would be seeing more of the bounty hunters in the 40th anniversary The Empire Strikes Back series. The two they have chosen to announce (so far) are Zukkus and 4-Lom and as far as I’m aware these were store Exclusives as I recall that Zukkus was a Disney Store Exclusive. What I have noticed that these figures include the same spelling errors that the original figure packaging had. Again these will be an Amazon exclusive.

The Prototype Boba Fett Helmet looks great and it’s great that they have announced it just after the release of the Boba Fett helmet.

All these figures and the helmet will be available later this summer and I’ll definitely be getting that Deluxe Luke figure!

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