Factory Entertainment SDCC 2013 Exclusives

So far, Factory Entertainment has revealed 3 SDCC 2013 Exclusives. They aren’t exactly action figures, but they are related to the massive pop culture convention that is coming up this July, so we are going to cover them here. Let’s take a look what the Factory Entertainment SDCC 2013 Exclusives are.

First up is a giant Beatles yellow submarine collector plush pillow. This thing may be over 3 feet long, but it is one of Factory Entertainment’s most limited convention exclusives at just 200 pieces.

Price: $129.99


Then if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you may want to consider picking up this Game of Thrones throw pillow. It features an exclusive dragon shadow and Game of Thrones logo design. It is limited to just 500 pieces.

Price: $29.99


The last SDCC exclusive that Factory Entertainment has revealed so far is the Archer Pams Dolphin Puppet. This puppet is a replica that was used by Pam Poovey on FX’s series Archer. It’s a limited blue variant from season 1, only available at Comic-Con.

Price: $25.00


If you can’t make it to the show, Factory Entertainment is going to be holding back a small number of the exclusives to sell on their website. Check it out if you are interested.

View all these exclusives, and the rest of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives on our SDCC 2013 Exclusives checklist!

By Nick Lenihan

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