6 Comments on Convention Exclusives Go Mainstream: Will We Ever Get Our Legitimate Exclusives Back?

  1. Clark_Ken_T

    Well thought out. Great read. Thanks for using my tweet. Amazing that there are so few exclusives related to favorites, like SW or GoT. NECA’s items are garbage this year, and everyone else seems to have barely tried. Oh well, see you there! I’ll be the leming in the long line.

    • Nick Lenihan

      I’m surprised there aren’t more exclusives from big licenses either, but I guess that’s what happens when you let the mouse take control of damn near everything.

  2. Feliciano Mora

    As a long time collector of many lines and things, I think this is one of the best write ups on this I’ve read in quite a long time, and essentially is on mark with much of how I think about it. I know there are exclusives out there that some companies make and if I make the effort to hit certain shows and buy these exclusives, it does sicken me to see them made available later to others through other channels. Much of what you covered could really have a book or two written about it, as many people collect for many reasons, and I don’t know if there is a great solution to provide for this sort of thing.

  3. David M

    Sorry but as a UK collector I completely disagree on this. It is difficult enough and even more expensive to obtain even non-exclusive items outside of the USA. I feel this article is a little selfish / short sighted when considering what it is to be a collector in other parts of the world. I only wonder if the same stance would be taken if there were exclusives released for a convention taking place in the UK or another part of the world that were not released in the US? Also, if I did spend the £1000’s necessary to attend SDCC one day (something I would love to do) I think I would consider the money well spent as I’d had the privilige of achieving an ambition from my bucket list and having an amazing experience. I wouldnt consider it some hardship I had to endure for the sole purpose of picking up an exclusive item. I think companies like NECA are just being considerate to their fans and are seeing the bigger (worldwide) future. These items should be available to all and the joy of being a collector should be accessible to everyone. Spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourselves.

    • Nick Lenihan

      Hi David,

      Yes. My stance would remain the same, even if there was absolutely 0 conventions to attend in North America.

      Everyone is obviously going to have their own opinion regarding exclusives, however, the point of this article wasn’t as much about people’s opinions, it was more about showing how exclusive doesn’t mean what it’s supposed to anymore, particularly in the toy industry.

      If something is exclusive, it is only supposed to be sold at one location. Not online, at the con, at retail, and wherever else these companies think they can get a quick buck. There is no arguing the fact of what exclusive really means.

      Companies are misusing the term however, probably as a quick grab at our cash. I have no problem with what NECA is doing by making their “exclusives” available to everyone, but then they aren’t exclusive. Take that sticker off the packaging and just call it a special release or something along those lines. Their products can’t be called exclusive when it’s clear they aren’t. This is deceptive to the consumer.

      Also, just because you can’t attend a convention doesn’t mean you are being left out. Everyone has access to eBay, which is where I am forced to go to buy exclusives from Asia and other conventions I can’t afford. I don’t cry because I can’t attend the convention. I don’t cry at all because I know that’s how the collectible market works.

      There should be no crying about exclusives. They are exclusive, and don’t have worldwide distribution. If you want the item you are just going to have to pony up and buy it on the secondary market. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. There was a limited number made, and I’m sure there are thousands of other people who can afford it and will buy it.

      Finally, you mention that exclusives are expensive because you live outside the USA. Ok, but would you rather pay a small markup on eBay or thousands to get the item in person? I would rather pay a small markup when I buy exclusives from outside the USA, but hey…

      – Nick

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