Entertainment Earth Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Box Set Photo Review

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy smashed through theaters worldwide last year. Up until the movie came out, many people didn’t even know that the Guardians of the Galaxy exist. They have been around since the late 60’s appearing in various Marvel comics, and now Entertainment Earth has immortalized those comic characters in plastic for the first time in 6-inch scale.

I don’t buy many Marvel Legends anymore for the simple fact that quality control is lacking. Many times you will see paint jobs that are so far off that is makes you wonder just what’s going on in those overseas factories.

Not with this set. This set totally changed my opinion about Marvel Legends.

I couldn’t find one single error on the paint, and to make it even better, all of the characters are quality (good plastic, tons of accessories, and nothing to complain about). This set gives you the 5 Guardians of the Galaxy – Groot, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon – in costumes you won’t find anywhere else… and a bonus baby Groot.

Whether you are going to be picking up this set to open or just place on display in the amazing fifth-panel display box, you truly aren’t going to be disappointed. This Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends box set is exclusive to Entertainment Earth and is currently shipping for $119.99 with Free Shipping.

You can also find this set on Amazon, pick it up on Big Bad Toy Store, and you can always shoot on over to eBay and search for a deal on this exclusive set.

Note: Entertainment Earth provided this set at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review. However, my opinion is in no way influenced by free products. I have to tell you this legal jargon because it’s required by law. 

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