Luke Cage Minimates TV Series

Diamond Select Toys Adds a Luke Cage Minimates Marvel Series

Luke Cage Minimates are here, but are they bulletproof?

So, Diamond Select Toys recently decided to profit off Marvel’s many new Netflix series by creating sets for each of the new Marvel series! The sets already in stores includes a four-figure Jessica Jones set, and two different sets (four figures each) for the Daredevil TV show. The most recent addition to the series is a Minimates version of the cast of Luke Cage.


Luke Cage has really nice teeth.

Which characters are included in the Luke Cage Minimates set?

Naturally, we have Luke Cage who is accompanied by Misty Knight, Cottonmouth Stokes, and Mariah Dillard.

What do the figures look like? How tall are they?

Well, each one is just about 2” tall, and they look somewhat like hyper-articulated Lego people, but with more realistic looking plastic hair and clothes. They have rounded claw hands and little round feet, but are fairly blocky.

Each character is wearing a simple outfit they’ve worn in the television series (a suit for Cottonmouth, Luke Cage is in his black hoodie with gold detailing inside the hood and on the zipper, which comes with a removable hood, the ladies are wearing pant suits). Cage comes with an alternate upper body (head, chest arms) to show his outfit post-Power Man transformation, which has him wearing a silver headband and wrist band / bracers. He also has more hair on his head and doesn’t look as angry as his hoodie version. The ladies are wearing lipstick and eye makeup, and Cottonmouth has a focused expression and a mustache-soul patch combo.


Power Man!

Are they articulated?

Yes! They have “up to” 14 points of articulation, which is impressive for something so small.

How much does the Luke Cage Minimates Set cost?

The set of 4 figures costs around $24.99, and will be released in spring 2017.

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