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Dream Toy Line: Pre MCU Marvel Legends Figures

It’s only a matter of time.

As you are all undoubtedly aware Hasbro announced earlier this year that they’ll be releasing Marvel Legends based on the Fox X-Men & Deadpool films and some of these figures are already hitting store shelves Stateside and hopefully, they’ll soon hit the UK. I have already pre-ordered some of them and I’ll be pre-ordering some of the others soon and I cannot wait for them to be released.

At this point in time, it’s unclear how far Hasbro will go with the Fox Marvel film figures, but I personally hope that they’ll release most of the characters from the Fox X-Men and Deadpool figures and I bet many fans have long wishlists like I do and I do think if the line is successful it’ll continue to grow.

This got me thinking if Hasbro would tackle any of the other older Marvel films such as the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, Blade, Punisher, Fantastic Four and Daredevil, etc. I personally think most of these are more than likely to happen especially the Sam Raimi Spider-Man ones as the first film is almost twenty years old, though if Hasbro would want till wait till the anniversary or not is unclear.

I know Disney has the rights to Blade and that they are planning to release a film with Marshala Ali in the lead role as the Daywalker. The original Blade is over 20 years old and Wesley Snipes was fantastic in the lead role and the first two films are still well-loved. Hasbro has proved that they aren’t skipping the R-Rated Marvel film characters as they are releasing figures from Deadpool 2 and Logan so Blade, Punisher, and Daredevil are possibilities.

I know Toy Biz had released a Wesley Snipes Blade figure and I think Hasbro would do a great job releasing a Wesley Snipes Blade figure. They could release at least two Blade figures one from the first and the other from the second and they could do jacketless versions. I expect the figures of Blade would come with an assorted array of weapons and an interchangeable head showing off his fangs.

There hasn’t been an affordable Wesley Snipes Blade figure on the market for years. I know the Mezco One:12 comes pretty close but that’s almost impossible to get here in the UK, especially for an affordable price so Hasbro releasing a Wesley Snipes Blade figure would be the best alternative and I would imagine they would cost the same as the Fox Marvel Legends do.

I’m not sure if Hasbro would expand the line beyond releasing figures of Blade. Though they could release figures of Deacon Frost and Whistler in two-packs with Blade and though I don’t much like Blade Trinity, though I think a figure of Ryan Reynold’s Hannibal King would be a fun one to hang out with the Fox Deadpool on the shelf!

Talking about R-Rated Marvel films I am not entirely sure if a Thomas Jane Punisher figure will happen or not as the film isn’t much loved as the Blade film. I know Toy Biz made one when the film came out which came with a soft goods coat that could store weapons.

Though on the other hand Hasbro has put out quite a number of Punisher Marvel legends lately so having a Thomas Jane punisher would be a very welcome addition to the line. I know that Ray Stevenson played the character too in the DTV Punisher Warzone. As Stevenson’s Punisher look closely resembles his looks in the comics they could release a comic book iteration of Punisher which closely resembles his look in the film and they could pack in an alternate Ray Stevenson Punisher head.

The least likely figures that I expect to happen are Daredevil and the Fantastic Four films (I’m talking about the 2000’s Fantastic Four and it’s sequel Rise of The Silver Surfer) The reason I say this is because the films aren’t as fondly remembered though the films do have their fans. Again when the Fantastic Four and Daredevil films came out Toy Biz created figures for the films. They only released one Daredevil figure I believe and they released a series of figures to tie in with the Fantastic Four films.

For these figures and Punisher, I’m thinking it would be best if they could release these figures in a mixed wave. You could also put in the Universal Hulk figures too as well as the Ghost Rider figures too if Hasbro would be interested in releasing new figures from the films. Though I’m not sure if it would be a wise idea to have a higher price point Marvel Legends wave due to the cost of the unique sculpts and paint jobs. It works with the Fox ones because they are a two-pack and single packed figures which aren’t part of a wave.

Now to the one that I don’t have any doubt in my mind will happen Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy Marvel Legends. I think it’ll happen sooner than later because Sam Raimi is directing the Doctor Strange sequel Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and theirs rumors of Tobey Maguire returning as Spider-Man as this film opens up the MCU to different universes.

Not only that, but the three films are also very fondly remembered too. When the films originally came out I remember the Toy Biz Marvel Legends that came out at the time and I remember picking figures up of Spider-Man and The Green Goblin. Though I didn’t pick up any from the sequels as I was not interested in action figures at the time.

Hasbro could release quite a number of figures from these films and I would definitely snap them all up. I can imagine an unmasked Green Goblin Willem Dafoe head with an evil grinning or snarling expression it would be awesome! I think Hasbro would do a fantastic job on these and can imagine a great line-up of figures. I’m not sure if they’ll be singular releases or waves. Though I can definitely imagine some two packs eg:

Sam Raimi Spider-Man: Battle Damaged Spider-Man vs Green Goblin Two-Pack. Includes Battle-Damaged Spider-Man and Green Goblin figures and includes Green Goblins bladed glider, interchangeable Norman Osbourn head, Interchangeable Spider-Man masked head, and interchangeable hands for Spider-Man and some webbing effects.

I think the Spider-Man figures are definitely on the cards, it’s not a matter of if but when. But I hope it happens sooner than later. I hope you enjoyed this article and you can expect more articles like this in the future and if you have any ideas about this line just comment on this article down below.

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