Disney is Buying Hasbro Rumor

Incase you haven’t heard yet Disney has bought Lucasfilm last week for somewhere around $4 billion dollars and Marvel just a few years earlier for about the same price. Guess what Disney is talking about now? They want to buy Hasbro according to MTV geek¬†(Disney is Buying Hasbro Rumor)! Should the Mouse be making the decisions for the biggest toy and game company in the world?

Disney is Buying Hasbro Rumor

It was reported that the Lucasfilm deal took about 6 months to complete so we may have awhile before we see the mouse behind the big desk.Disney is Buying Hasbro Rumor

The acquisition would give Disney rights to such things as Transformers, G.I. Joe, Beyblade, and Nerf just to name a few. Then you can add Star Wars and Marvel and you can say that Disney is getting a hold on boys entertainment after they were criticized for it a few years ago.

I think that this would be good for Hasbro in the end. Disney might be able to share some of the Disney magic on The Hub and keep the channel alive. If the channel did fall then I’m sure that you would be able to watch all of your favorite toy shows on the Disney channel (even though I HATE that channel).

From a collector’s view I think that we may be able to see a steady release of toys given that Disney has some pretty deep pockets. I think that we would also be able to see some more modest pricing since we have seen a major price increase in the last 5 years. Overall the aquisition would be amazing in my eyes.

What is your take on the Disney is Buying Hasbro Rumor? Discuss in the comments!

Disney is Buying Hasbro Rumor

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