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Diamond Select Toys Q&A Here we have the Diamond Select Toys Q&A thats all about Star Trek! Fans have come up with some questions regarding Diamond Select’s Star Trek toys and here are some of the answers.

Andrew Lehtola
Any chance of submitting your top 5 choices to the fans to decide what they would like to see next regarding ships or Trek Tek? Perhaps you can make the one that has the most votes next to better guarantee sales?

DST CHUCK: Andrew we’re not big on fan polls. While it’s true we have done some it’s not something we think gives us a fair gauge of fan interest. The expense in going forward with a ship is pretty massive and the number of fans of a property that go online or go to a fan sit or even then enter a poll is very small – some of the ones we’ve seen run before have as few as a couple hundred fans on them. We can’t really make a decision that that based on such a small number – sorry.

Michael Rasmussen
I know that the 7″ line is currently on hold due to a lack of interest from retailers. Many of us out here still wish we could get the M-113 Creature, aka Salt Vampire, that was cancelled twice. What if someone were to go directly to the fans via a Kickstarter project to fund a production run of the figures? Would DST/AA be open to such a venture?

DST CHUCK: I don’t see something like Kickstarter working for this but if a retailer came to us and wanted to buy the item as an exclusive of course we’d take them up on the offer…so far no one has expressed interest.

David Ellis
Me again!! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. If there was one Star Trek product you would love to do – regardless of the cost or whether or not it would sell – what would that be? Will you be releasing a TNG version of your Klingon Bird of Prey – It would be awesome to have a TNG era BoP to have alongside the Enterprise D Will the re release of the D be out this year or next? Thanks DST and may the force be with you… oh wait! =/=

DST CHUCK: Hmm wow I don’t know doing the 1/1 Kirk chair was pretty cool. I’m also a big fan of DS9 so stuff from there would be cool.

Matthias Bleeker
Hi, i read that you are planning to release a model of the Enterprise B in January next year. Is that true? I want to know because your ships are great and i am looking for the Ent B for years and also because the only alternative would be to spend about 60-70 EUR on an AMT model that i have to assemble and Paint on my own without sound and lights and therefore wouldnt look as nearly as good as your ships.And if i might ask are you planning on releasing a model of the Ent C which also appeared in TNG for the first time?

DST CHUCK: Yes we are deep into development on the Enterprise B after that we have not discussed which ship would come next.

Daniel Lahr
Hi, You do great work on your Star Trek and Marvel Select items. I really appreciate your efforts and your frequent and informative blog posts. Is it true that you will be releasing Spock and Kirk “Star Trek Select” figures? If so, when will they be released and will the price be similar to that of the Marvel Select figures? Thanks for yor time. Dan

DST CHUCK: Yes it is true. We are continuing the Trek action figure line but we are changing it slightly to fit into our Select style pricing, packaging, and aesthetic. For now the line will be Spock followed by Kirk and if sales are strong on the first two we’ll keep going. The third figure is being designed right now so we’ll be ready to move forward if the first gets enough interest. You will see Trek Select in stores in early 2013.

Nick Smith
I keep seeing you and others mention the “D”. On various online store I see preorders for an All good things version of the D, but nothing about the original D. Are you releasing an original D from the series? or is all this talk from you and everyone about the All good things release?

DST CHUCK: Yes both are scheduled for another production run.

Arthur Chester
The first release of the Enterprise-E, aside from the paint, lighting, and sound problems, was the first ship that did NOT include a secondary battery cover without a hole for the stand. It was said that this was an “oversight” on DST’s part. So, I am wondering, will it be included for the re-release? I know what the answer is, but I’d like official confirmation. Perhaps there could be a “through the mail” solution that allows us to buy it?

DST CHUCK: Arthur it seems like you’re not happy with your purchase of the E. Maybe it’s just not the right item for you from us and for that I am sorry. We do the best we can with price point and production quantity in mind and have a pretty good QC team in HK that does the best that they can. Nothing produced at these price points and in this quantity is going to be perfect for everyone but we don’t accept that as a given – we try for perfect whenever possible. As for the battery cover, that ship was started by the old AA staff before we came on to the project so it was an oversight or something they did not think of back then. We are looking into if it would be possible to add but we have not heard yet if its something that can be accomplished.

Chad King
I’m sure people ask you this question before but do you think you will be able to re-release the NCC-1701-A Enterprise again? This is my favorite ship and it’s hard to come by and expensive. I hope you can sell them again please. If not then thanks anyway.

DST CHUCK: I am not sure which ship you are referring to. I do not remember a release that we designated with an A.

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